Working Class Fitness

Working Class Fitness is a great program developed by trainer Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins.  It has six different phases, each of which last two months.  So for ~30$ you can have an entire years worth of workout programming done for you.  He's taken all the hassel of thinking up a plan out of the equation.  WCF is very creative and will eventually get you doing a whole lot of different movements, from sandbag carries to weighted throws.  Unfortunately, that is the main drawback.  You don't need too much equipment, in fact you can make most of the stuff that you don't have, but you do need some big weights, a few bars, pullup bars, medicine balls, sandbags (he'll teach you how to make them) and some space.  That's not an overly extensive list, and chances are you can get a bunch of this stuff on craigslist, but it takes some thought and time.  Overall, it's a fanatastic program, it will get you in great shape, it cuts down on thinking up your own program and you'll get Wiggy's motivational emails.  A nice little perk if you ask me.