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Common Underlying Causes of Bad Breath Bad breath is a mon- yet extrely embarrassing problem. While it is normal to have a bad breath after a heavy al or once in a while when it has been so ti since you brued Josh Scobee Womens Jersey , having a bad breath all the ti is a serious problem. Known in the dical world as halitosis, bad breath may be caused to due to multiple reasons. Aording to dentists in diamond bar, the main reason for bad breath is indeed the bad oral hygiene, but it is not the only reason. There are many people who Josh Scobee Elite Jersey , despite having a good oral hygiene, suffer from bad breath. If you are one of those people, then here are so underlying causes that might be the reason of your bad breath: RELATED ARTICLES Reasons behind Tooth Decay ?Knowledge from a Dentist! Get Professional Sports Dentist's Help before Losing Your Teeth in the Ga Shocking Things That Can Damage Your Teeth TMD or Temporomandibular Disorders ?Conventional Treatnt Options Gastrointestinal problems One of the main causes of halitosis is a gastro intestinal ailnt. Whether your digestion process is slow, you have flatulence Authentic Josh Scobee Jersey , dyspepsia or ulcer, any problem related to the gastric trt can cause problems in the mouth as well. Even problems like constipation can lead to bad breath. Diamond bar dentists believe that the gas and id released as a result of a poor digestion and intestinal problems is responsible for a foul slling mouth. A poor diet Your oral health reflects what you eat. No matter how spectular your oral hygiene is, if your diet is not healthy you will suffer from dental problems. And the most mon problem that would affect you, due to a bad diet Josh Scobee Jersey , is bad breath. A diet which contains no healthy vitamins and minerals will lead to weak gums, leading to plaque aumulation. A diet full of unhealthy carbs and sugars will also lead to plaque and a slow digestion henceforth causing bad breath.