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The key element for one of the most popular sports in the world C.J. Spiller Jersey , soccer balls come in different designs, sizes and weights. Plus, the materials used for the construction of the soccer balls are also very diverse, directly influencing the features of the finite products as well as the price. Here are a few technical details on the structure and the making of soccer balls that many of us know nothing of when having fun in a nice game.

Several covering layers are included in the surface structure of the soccer balls and they are not made of natural leather as it may appear at first sight but rather from synthetic materials that keep the balls lightweight even when it's damp outside. Poly vinyl chlorine or PVC and polyurethane or PU are the main materials used for synthetic leather production. Even the varieties of artificial leather remain a mystery to most soccer fans , because these patterns too, come in great number of varieties.

The specific features in the exterior cover of soccer balls consist of several segments known as panels. A soccer ball can be made of 16, 26 or 32 panels, with the latest being the official variant for most leagues and championships. Yet shopjerseysbills , the others are popular in all sorts of major leagues as well, mainly in England and Scotland. After being sewn together and inflated, the panels create the nearly perfect sphere that we call soccer ball.