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When looking for a personality quiz , make sure it's unique and the results are meaningful to your life! Ideally, the freer it is the better " We all like freebies, don't we? Of all the free personality tests I've seen, the majority, if not all, give you worthless, unusable results... Most free personality quizzes (heck, the paid ones too) focus on things that are not fundamental to achieving the bigger picture... Your LIFE'S PURPOSE. It's like a friend giving you a recipe for a cake but steps 1-9 are not included (what kind of person does that to a friend?) ;-). Hopefully you can clearly see how silly that would be, right? A personality quiz should really give you the full picture of YOU, similar to a portrait, if you like... Suppose an artist draw a portrait of you, but it looked nothing like you, you'd be well within your rights to request a refund, politely, of course! I'm sure you get the PICTURE adidas superstar dames , right? (sorry, I had to slip that PUN in) HAVE A SURVEY DONE FIRST! Have you ever heard of a bank agreeing a mortgage without carrying out there own survey on the property in question? If you have, give me their details, I'd love to use them before they go out of business. This sort of thing just doesn't happen, banks need to ensure that the real estate is solid and in sound condition, or they won't release funds for it. That makes sense, right? Picture yourself as a property developer that has found the next development project, a beautiful 6 bedroom detached house in the countryside. The FIRST sensible thing to do right before you actually buy the place, would be what?... A SURVEY of course! You see, the house survey serves exactly the same purpose as a personality test. Like with the survey, depending on the results, will determine exactly what works must be done FIRST, and after that... Begin the refurbishments! Now, I want you to forget about property developing, and instead adidas sneakers originals dames , focus on being a 'PERSONALITY DEVELOPER'! Don't underestimate the importance of this, it's crucial to your life and future happiness, TRUST ME ON THIS! You'll see for yourself if you stick with me on this... Let me give you a real world example... BUILD SOLID, SCRATCH THAT, ROCK SOLID FOUNDATIONS! How many celebrities can you think of that had everything... fame, fortune, respect? Only to end up on drugs, or turn to the bottle, and end up in rehab?... It happens so much (kids if you're listening, cover your ears), it's almost like a new craze, the IN thing. The majority of them, if not ALL, would have found the benefit of a good personality test or 'survey'. Why?... Because what a survey means to a property is what a good personality quiz means to a person. In other words, it illustrates potential structural issues that needs to be addressed. Obviously adidas sneakers superstar , I'm not talking about a test on it's own... No... Remember your property developing career?... Survey (personality test) first, and then carry out any required works the survey suggests (that's where good self improvement strategies comes in) and THEN begin the renovating. In the case of the celebrities, all their renovating and redevelopment (i.e. achievements, possessions, relationships, bling-bling, etc.) was build up on top of weak foundations... In other words... Their houses were renovated to a very high standard with all the trimmings, however, the foundations the house was built upon was never strong enough to to support the renovations. As a result, when the stormy weather came, and trust me it WILL, their houses came crashing down and needed to be REBUILT!... Make sense?... OK, so I've beaten the hell out of the house example, so I suppose we better move on. THE ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE... Living a DREAM life should always be a person's ultimate goal in life, NOTHING is more important then that! I'm trying my hardest not to let out too much about how you actually live your DREAM life adidas nederland online shop , if I wasn't, it's likely it'll influence the way you answer the questions in your personality quiz and as a result, your results would be meaningless! Where can I find a 'proper' personality quiz? great question. Here's the directions - Take the next right, then a left at the traffic lights... Only kidding " it's all sat nav's nowadays. But seriously, in your favourite search engine, enter this in - foundations personality quiz, and browse through the results. Just remember, when you find a suitable personality quiz, make sure you not only answer ALL the questions, but more importantly, answer them HONESTLY, else you're wasting your time. In other words, don't simply choose the answers that you feel will score the most points, OK? Best of luck! 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