Virtual Reality Cameras for 2016

2016 is the year of Virtual Reality and not just for gaming. The days of virtual presence are nearly upon us via the use of 360 degree cameras -also known as Virtual Reality cameras or simply VR cameras. The time will come when you'll be able to virtually attend your favorite sporting event in the perfect seat, visit friends and relatives, or teleport to a location across the globe. VR will give users the feeling of being , well, virtually there with the ability to hear and see in every direction and not just where a single camera is pointed.

A virtual reality camera is usually created by using multiple cameras that simultaneously record different angles of an action. Many of the big boys like Facebook (owner of the Oculus Rift), YouTube etc. have started to support 360VR videos. The quality is still lacking but 2016 has already seen some major advances in streaming. While the perfect way to view these will be using a quality VR headset such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or the mobile Gear VR headsets, most smartphones support the viewing of 360/ VR Videos simply by pointing in the direction you want to see.

Major camera makers like Nikon and Gopro have even begun developing rigs that are specifically meant for recording virtual reality videos. While the good stuff is still crazy expensive (over $50,000 crazy), you'll be able to buy a decent quality VR camera for under $1000 in 2016. Regardless of their price tags, this is a category worth exploring, starting with this list:

Here is a rundown on the cameras you can buy now:

GoPro Odyssey

Developed by Google and Gopro, the 360-degree camera costs between $15,000 and $16,000. It is a 16 camera array for recording 3D virtual reality content. Purchasing the camera means you get sixteen of Gopros’s Hero 4 black action cameras with the panoramic capture rig, internal microphones, cables, a pelican case, a warranty and microSD cards.


Nokia Ozo

The Nokia Ozo is not cheap. Its price tag on is $60,000! It has 8 lenses, each with 195 degree angle and 100 degree cross over with the next nearest pair. This typically means that it is capable of filming full 360 degree audio and video content. The camera can output to a recorder or for work out in the field you can also strap it on a drawn and the included battery plus its 500GB hard drive will cater for over 45 minutes of filming!

nokia cam

Ricoh Theta S

This is Ricoh’s third generation camera and costs $346.95.The virtual reality camera adds a bigger sensor for enhanced video capture and stillness, with video filming time increased to 25 minutes. Theta S also has Full HD video streaming capabilities, dual 12mp 1/2.3 inch image sensors combined with bright f/2 twin lenses, 8GB of internal memory, a sensitivity range of between 100 and 1600 and support for an in-built Wi-Fi. You can get at



The spherical camera costs $799 and features 4 lenses with a 190 degree field view, each paired with five megapixel sensors. This allows the camera to shoot videos and stills with 100% spherical range. Video modes for equirect images stand at 5376 by 2688 pixels while equirectangular footage stand at 1344 by 2688 fps. Its shooting modes include time lapse and HDR.


Giroptic (360cam)

The virtual reality camera costs $499 and looks like a small palm, sized egg, but it is designed like an action camera. It comes with 185 degree fish eye lenses which it uses to capture and combine a sphere of HD videos in real time. The footage is usually recorded to a MicroSD. It also sports a GPS radio, an in-built WI-FI and works with an attachment of light bulb heads which users can use to easily hang the camera in a room. You can find it at


Kodak PixPro SP360 4K

Just like its predecessor the SP360, this 360-degree cube shaped and has a dome lens. This feature allows it to capture immersive virtual reality videos and photos which can easily be panned. Its lens has a F2.8 aperture and it is blended with a 1/2.3 inch 12mp BSI CMOS sensor. Virtual Reality Cameras for 2016 The Kodak PixPro SP360 can record videos at resolutions of up to 4k 2880 by 2880 and boasts ten viewing modes and time-lapse burst shooting.


Coming soon! Here are some models that are expected to ship later in 2016 :

Nikon KeyMission 360

Announcing this at CES, Nikon offered a few details about the Keymission. It will shoot 4k Ultra High definition videos with a 360 degree field of view on 2 sides for complete spherical photos and videos. It will be rugged too: Waterproof to thirty meters and shockproof to 2 meters. It will also utilize electronic image stabilization technology to stabilize photos and images.


Samsung Gear 360

This Samsung Gear 360 will give consumers a great opportunity to use their Samsung Gear VR headset. The twin lens ball camera will capture spherical 4k resolution videos (3840 BY 1920pixels) and 30mp photos ready to be streamed to a Samsung Galaxy S7 or any other supported devices to be named later. You will also be able to use the water and dust resistant camera in a single lens mode, giving you an action packed result. Availability for the camera is schedule for the 2nd quarter of 2016 although there is no specific pricing yet.


LG 360 Cam

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, LG revealed a few details about its first 360-degree camera. Instead of a box like shape like the Nikon KeyMission or the ball like Samsung gear 360, this 2-lens device looks like Ricoh’s Theta’s virtual reality cameras. It has 2 lenses at the top each with an angle of view of 200- degrees. It also has a shutter release below the 2 lenses which allow users to quickly grab a 2k resolution video or a 360 selfie photo. Pricing and availability date hasn’t been announced yet. But expect it to roll out towards the end of April when the G5 and its 360 VR glasses are launched.



Even though this camera is technically not a 360 degree camera, but a 180 degree 3D camera, it is worth the mention. If you have three of these cameras, you will be able to connect them and capture 360-degree photos and videos in 3D and full HD. The main objective of the developer is simplicity, it captures with a single button push. Shipments are expected in July 2016 and you can pre-order one via the company’s website for a projected November delivery. It will cost $400.