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Ive had a lot of comments on my first article nike air max 2015 mens sale , Buddhas Fire Sermon, asking that I go more in depth on this subject, so here we go.The main idea that Buddha is driving at with all that he taught, is the correction of our false belief that the physical body is who we really are and that we are something separate from everything else in existence. It is this I, Me, Mine, agenda we all seem to put in the forefront of everything we do in life.How this pertains to the Buddhas Fire Sermon and the subject of the five senses goes like this. This idea, which we all tend to believe in, as it relates to our selves, simply is not true. What we believe to be true about ourselves is whats causing all our troubles.As I mentioned in the first article, I had this experience of stripping down to the atman or soul. In the process I was lucky enough to go through the process and be able to describe what had happened in detail. When this happens you cannot help but reevaluate all you once believed in.Not to go into too great of detail here, there are two versions of this type of experience. One they (saints and gurus) say is with difference and one that is without difference. The one without difference is a full blown awaking that has you seeing all that exists while being one with the Source of all creation (without introducing anything separate into the experience). In other words-you are it.The experience with difference is one where you get the same message nike air max 2015 womens , but not in such an awesome way of experiencing it. To explain, it is like getting the message, but it is as though you are not quite totally one with the experience, as in the above example.It occurs after you have merged with the Source and have exited without any memory of what it was like inside. Once outside of it, you know you came from within it, but cant recall what it was like. So, it is as if you are now on the edge of the abyss, where if you were any closer and you would reenter again. This way is considered with difference.It is experienced by dying to this world through the use of prayer or meditation and discovering that you and the Father are One, Thou Art That, or I am That. But there is still a very faint feeling of difference between the knower and the thing to be known. Without difference, is getting the same message while seeing in a 360 degree direction at the same time and knowing all there is to know about any item or subject in the universe, instantly. Thats a huge difference in the two nike air max 2014 mens , wouldnt you agree?Both of these experiences let the seer know, that yes, the I or self that we take for granted is not the real self. The real self is all that exists and it is the Source out of which we obviously come and what the soul or atman is.To get into this subject deeper, let me say that through meditation or prayer you can go within yourself and have an experience that will have you knowing, without a doubt, that you are this Source (God). This is the with difference version that Im speaking of. Just reaching the level of the soul or atman will have anyone walking away with this knowledge. Its like a little nirvana.Buddhas Fire SermonUpon having such an experience, and as you make your way back into the world again (back into the person meditation or praying in some room in this world), at some point you are transformed into that false-self from the atman or soul you previously were when you were having the experience of oneness.This is the moment when the atman soul will obtain its sense of false-self, its five senses, and its ego again. For Christians this is the passing through the Garden of Eden and eating of the apple (symbolically of course because a physical Garden of Eden doesnt really exist). Not to be disrespectful, but it would do a Christian good to learn to read into the symbolism within the words of the bible.For Hindus and Buddhists, this is the story of the Tree of Jiva and its two birds. One bird is in the tree enjoying the fruits it is eating (the false-self living life) and the other bird who simply watches all that takes place cheap nike air max 90 , or is the witness that does not eat (the atman or soul within each of us).Note: It must be understood, that by transforming into the false-self, it simply means you no longer realize that you are this Source out of which you come from. Even now, as you read this article, your atman soul is what is behind your false-self, witnessing. It is what is controlling your breath, your digestion, etc.It is what sits behind the analyzing or contemplative mind quietly controlling all the things that operate without the false-self having any input. It is also what is behind the operations of every atomic particle which does the organizing of the entire universe and all the heavens, both above and below this one. Everything is held together perfectly by what you soul or atman is.Big Note: The Kingdom of Heaven astral worlds are not the final territory we think they are. No, they are like this world, in that all the heavens are outside the Kingdom of God and therefore when you are in one, you take with you the five senses nike air max 90 womens , ego, and the same sense of false-self (as if it were something separate from everything around you). This belief of the false-self causes conflicts within each of us. It is only when you travel into the Kingdom of God (experiencing the atman or soul, even for a brief instant) that you walk away with the understanding of how things work. Dont misunderstand this, as there are infinity things to learn, so this is basic stuff or the general lay of the land.This is why Buddhas Fire Sermon tells us to guard our senses. You see, we dont realize just who the heck we are. We think we are the bird that is simply enjoying life, when in reality we are the bird who is witnessing the false-self tearing it up (acting out of control with a false notion of what is real). This causes our sorrow and unhappiness in life.Buddhas Fire Sermon wants us to guard the gates of our five senses. When he says this For.