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ASP.NET is the successor of the Active Server Page technology Authentic DJ Swearinger Jersey , which was initially launched by Microsoft. But after the release of the ASP.NET the latest one is the ASP.NET MVC framework which is implemented based on the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern. Same like the ASP.NET server, this server too helps in building web applications, but they should be the composition of 3 roles which are Model, View and Controller. The particular aspect of the application is represented by the Model. The Controller updates the Model and let us know if we need a change in the corresponding application. The necessary information from the Controller is accepted by the View and displays that particular information. The ASP.NET MVC contains all the features of the ASP.NET but they are lightweight and highly testable presentation framework. The web pages created with the help of MVC application are the master pages and the pages are membership based authentication. That is the reason in the current day market, many go with the free MVC hosting ideas.


Free MVC hosting-


Free MVC hosting provides influential and patterns based techniques. This technique helps us to build some highly developed websites which are dynamic in nature. In the ASP.NET web application platform the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework is the latest version. This latest version is used by many of the customers at the present moment. The MVC hosting has many supportive features that helps to enable the speed and the TDD-friendly development atmosphere.


Features of the MVC host-


There are many features as regard to the MVC hosting and some of them are as follows:


It provides a quality based programming model.


The web Pages are superb and are of really high quality.


It is a fast application as compared to the ASP.NET
New mobile and desktop templates are the latest features in the MVC hosting process.


All the ASP.NET hosting packages are supported by the MVC.


We can control on our own the dynamic web pages that are created.


It is more reliable than the ASP.NET hosting as it contains some of the integrated features of the ASP.NET.


Microsoft has recently added some unique features in the MVC which are not available in the ASP.NET platform.


The code architecture of this particular platform is more cleaner.


The MVC hosting has the benefit of powerful extensibility


The development is highly tested-driven and they are very much flexible.


This hosting can save a considerable amount of time as compared to the ASP.NET hosting.


Hence looking the features we should definitely go with the MVC hosting.


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