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Hey adidas nederland online shop , as business owners we CAN'T be all things for all custors. I an it would be fantastic if we could, however, you just can't et the needs and wants of everyone, you would run yourself ragged trying : BUT ... that doesn't an you throw your hands up in despair and give up ;o) Stick with for a few minutes and we'll go over a few ideas that e to mind and see if they get your creative juices flowing. Firstly, what the heck is a "Niche" anyway?? I an I am sure you have seen the word flying around the Inter and a lot more lately. You've seen newsletter articles and email letters from so of the top guru's now sprouting "Niche" as the new "catch" word of the ti. The term is NOT NEW. Basically a "niche" is finding a specific target market and catering to their specific wants and needs. Ummm let give you an example... As a marketing cohconsultant my business is providing a service "marketing" to businesses. Now obviously the business arena is too general so what I want to do is break it down into bite size sectors or smaller target markets. I may want to deal specifically to the needs and wants of Dental Offices and decide to specialize in Dental Office Marketing. I could take on the legal sector and specialize in marketing legal prtices. Get where I am going here?? I can't be all things to all businesses out there, so I break the business sector down into target markets and the find the ones that I want to specialize in and cater to that group specifically. Now, you may be thinking ok nike roshe run slip on nederland , that's good for you being a marketing coh, but I am an affiliate for a does "niche marketing" affect ? Glad you asked ;o) When people first e online with the desire to start so sort of business they typically go into the "emarketing" niche and promote productsservices with a marketing the. It makes sense from a marketing point of view, you go where there is demand. However, with demand also es petition and the "online marketing" arena is saturated and highly petitive. So...what do you do? Well, what you need to do is sit and think of markets outside of the "online marketing" arena which could also use your products services and target your ssages specifically to them. Umm I feel an example ing on here...ah ok, here is one for you. Lets say you are an affiliate for an autoresponder service. Excellent service because you know that anyone who starts a business online needs an autoresponder. While that is great, what isn't so hot is the ft that you are not the only autoresponder service in cyber-land and they too are targeting the sa niche you are. But...the difference beeen you and them is this article ;o) See nike roshe run slip on kopen , we all go for the obvious niche or target market when we sign onto an affiliate program. We go after the others just like us and market to them. What we fail to do is find the OTHER niches or target markets out there that haven't heard of an autoresponder and have no idea what it is let alone how much ti we can save them. I am thinking about niches like, oh...perhaps Real Estate Agents. A few friends are in the market for a new house. Every week they get in the mail (snail mail) the new listing eets for all the houses listed that week. The idea is that they go through these eets and see if any of the houses peak their interest and then they are to call their Agent and ask to view them. It was an ok system, but imagines how much ti and MONEY a Real Estate Agent could save if they had an autoresponder service? All they would have to do is create the new listing templates, enter the email address and nas of their client base (even that is automated) and blast out the new listings once a week, or more often if they wanted to. No more printing costs and gone are the mailing costs and the ti ftor you have saved them is PRICELESS! See the potential here??? Are you beginning to get the idea about finding other market segnts (custors) for your productsservices?? If you are an affiliate for an autoresponder service you could promote autoresponders to Dental Offices. They send out appointnt reminder cards...imagine the cost savings for them if they had an autoresponder service, not to ntion the ti savings of having staff to stick labels and post them out?? It is just a matter of seeing what they do and how your service can save them the ti and money. AND...the best part about this thinking is that not many take on this sort of business stance. Now lets get away from the "online marketing niche" for a second and think of other ways of creating profit through niches. Another thing is to look to your hobbies and interests. Lets say you dabble at DJing on the weekends as a hobby. With that very hobby you could create profit by creating a little niche site geared towards DJing. Your site could focus on owing soone how to break into the weekend DJ business and provide sites that offer good DJ equipnt (that you are affiliated with of course). The idea about NICHE Marketing is that you DON'T have to stick within the "Online Marketing" niche. You can find a niche based on an affiliate program, a hobby or a special interest. So of the top marketers have found other niches like; stop smoking nike roshe run print floral , weight loss, online dating, model trains, travel, golf and yup even cooking. Don't limit yourself to the niche of online marketing. Step out and find other market segnts that are not being served or where there is limited petition and build your niches around those. It's like taking a path of least resistance and a path to more profits! Stop buying those infomercial Acne Cure products! Stop getting stuck with shipping and handling both ways when you try to get your money back! Angry about that? 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