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Ever since there has been the formation of premier league in football, there has also been the explosion of fantasy football games. These fantasy football games have taken a whole new direction with the advent of the internet. Now fans from all over the world can get together and play the game. Fantasy football is predominantly a fan’s game. A fan gives his opinion as to which players should be on his team and which playing 11 should open. Depending upon how the players perform in real life, the team gets points. The player with maximum amount of point wins at the end of the season.


This is what began as a fan based game in a localized area now has gained a wide following throughout the world. Fantasy football has spread like wild fire on the internet. It has brought fans all over the world together. Today it is almost an enterprise with the player having the maximum number of points winning at the end of the season and even taking away huge cash prizes. Many sites are setup to cater for such fans. Some of them are free while some are paid. The ones that are paid for usually cater the highest prizes. Also fantasy football is not betting. It is a pure fan based game that has been around for decades; therefore it is not something illegal. It can be played and enjoyed by fans all over the world.


There are many rules and regulations that govern the fantasy football league. They might be different in their format but in its essence they are the same. There is a limit of transfer budget that you can put in your team. Also each player has different values which reflect their quality and their recent performances. You can only fill your team with a limit of players who are top class. This to ensure that every team has a fair chance to with maximum number of points and that all the teams are well balanced. Most of these leagues also provide a transfer window so you can transfer players in and out of your team all the time.


The team winning with most points at the end of the season are given lucrative cash awards. Many newspapers run their respective fantasy football leagues. They encourage readers to participate in the game and submit their team. This works as an instrument of marketing and promotion for them. Based on real life performances , points are given or deducted to each team. This lets the fan assume the role of a manager and choose the best team for themselves. How good the fans are in choosing their team is again a direct relation to how much they follow and love the beautiful game.


Now what is fantasy football? It is basically based off the real football league. You don’t necessarily have to be good in football to play fantasy football. You need to just be passionate about it. In fact this entire game is more or less driven with passion. You have to know your team, know your players and know which player is most likely to perform, least likely to perform. In short you have to be the coach and know your players.