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5. Don't be Spammy
Let's face it, most of us view advertising as spam. Social media, and Facebook in particular are not platforms people typically use to buy products or make purchasing decisions. The internet is a noisy world, and it is easy to tune out content that is not adding value to our lives. So don't be too pushy.

4. Paying for Likes and Followers
Its pretty easy to pay a little bit of money and have Facebook , twitter, and Instagram followers pretty quickly. Here is why this is a bad idea, especially on Facebook. Having lots of likes and followers is great, as long as they are engaged and interested in your content. Basically, it does not matter if your page has a million followers, if they aren't interested in your message. They won't engage, they won't buy and they won't refer or share with others.

3. Narrow Excecution
We all make assumptions about who will respond to our marketing strategies. Social media allows us to serve different strategies to different groups of people. Swift - Lynchburg Web Design Helpful Social Media Tips Who responds to your campaigns? Which ads convert into sales? Let your analytics guide your approach and respond quickly.

2. Giving too Little
Give, give, give to your audience. Add value to your brand, cause or product by providing engaging, useful and enjoyable content for your audience. Give-a-ways are a great way to obtain likes, shares, website clickthrough, or whatever your goal might be. Who doesn't like something for free? We sure do.

1. Budgeting
Paying for additional exposure for your business or fan page on Facebook is not only fairly simple, but its also a very effective and detailed tool. Why spend money on a campaign that simply isn't producing? Why overpay and over-reach to people who aren't interested? Implement, analyze, refine, then repeat.