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Fooork is another key point to ooting and is sometimes overlooked More than just dribbling feet need to be firmly pled for balance before a jump ot is taken or a free throw is ot Proper plement could mean the basis of ooting a straight ot and landing firmly on the hardwood and slipping or hurting yourself Proper form aside; feet need to be used to not only follow through but to help propel the ball forward Furthermore a player needs to be ready for the ball to jump bk fall off the rim or to simply get bk to a defensive position If player's feet are not planted firm or ready to move an offensive rebound or defensive position could be lost and the opponent could fly by It's important to not over think this step though because if you're too worried about your feet you might miss the ball or the opponent as wellRepetition is the last point to consider in regards to the art of ooting That's right you need to remember that without prtice you can never get fortable with the art form nor will you get your fooork down Hard work involves countless hours of repetition so make sure you set aside time for ooting and focus on plement of your feet squaring your oulders following through and developing strength in your body More so than simple strength you need stamina to carry you through the physicality of the game Are you looking for tips on the art of ooting? 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