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The Pittsburgh Steelers used a 17 point fourth quarter outburst to break open a close game and send the Arizona Cardinals to defeat by a 20-10 score in a NFL preseason rematch of this years Superbowl.


NFL bettors who favored the defending Superbowl champions in this matchup cashed their tickets as the Steelers covered as -3 home favorites.


The big catalyst for the Steelers offense was undrafted rookie Issac Redman out of Bowie State. Redman Nacho Monreal Jersey , listed as the Steelers #7 depth chart running back scored two rushing touchdowns in the decisive fourth quarter run. After the game, he said that hee knew that he had to take advantage of the opportunities to demonstrate his skills in a game situation:


“This team prides itself on being able to find those free agents that are capable of playing. Hopefully I can be that next free agent. I knew I had to make an impression, or I might not even make it to the first preseason game.”


Both teams played their starting quarterbacks for only two offensive series. The Steelers Ben Roethlisbergerwas guardedly optimistic about his performance:


“Overall, without looking at film, I think it was OK. I think we had a couple of plays with a few breakdowns, but it just felt good to go against somebody other than your own guys.”


Arizonas Kurt Warner was happy with his performance, but noted that the first preseason game had come up on him quickly:


“I felt like we moved the ball and did what we wanted to. It seems like this game came pretty quick. When we were in the locker room Mikel Arteta Jersey , we were thinking, `Man, it is here already.’ ”


The star receivers for each team–Arizonas Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburghs Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes–each caught a single pass in a couple of series of action.


Arizona will take on the San Diego Chargers at home next Saturday night, while the Steelers will travel to Washington, DC to play the Redskins.


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This is innovation in technology dealing with the coloring of the skin without the need for sunbathing, it is called spray tan. Now no need to wait for sumr and the heat it to enjoy a wonderful brown color of your skin, if spray tan is around. This kind of technology will make you forget about unfortable furniture solar studio and the large number Finances spent on pleasure, giving you a beautiful sumr spray tan.


What tually is the procedure for spray tan? Spray tan is deep plent of a special solution that is absolutely harmless to skin and durable. This procedure, which is tually like sitting on the beh and exposure of skin to sunlight Mathieu Flamini Jersey , the only difference is that it is more reliable and requires less ti and have the option to prtice in the winter.


The solution used in a spray tan procedure is strong but harmless to skin. Spray tan has no sll and nobody could understand that your tan is not natural. The Quality of the spray tan product ensures durability and efficiency as discoloration of skin bees absolutely evenly and does not tolerate deformities.


Effect after spray tan application gives longer bronze sitting on your skin. The average durability of this product is 11 days after the procedure. If you strictly follow the instructions given by professionals who deal with this, you could have a happy and great effect 14 days and even more.


Many people all over the world are subjected to spray tan manipulation. Soone who wants to have a sexy tan skin can take advantage from easy process. After undergoing a procedure, you can be sure that its effec