Sex toys do you own any? If Not, Why Not?

Okay – here’s a question. And we sincerely hope that you don’t get uncomfortable over this. In fact, you shouldn’t. Sex toys – do you own any? No? Why not?

Now, you might think it’s very rude of us to ask you such a personal question. You may even tell us to mind our own business. But…everybody – let’s face it – everybody – men and women – have at some point either experimented with a sex toy or at least thought about getting one. So, since you have already thought about it – please don’t lie to yourself – what’s stopping you from getting one? Or two. Or more. :)

As the leading online seller of sex toys in Malta it never ceases to surprise is that there is such a stigma attached to sex toys. We don’t understand. One would have thought that with the new wave of liberalism, racial equality, religious freedom and women’s rights being the norm in many parts of the world, we would be less conservative when it came to sex.

But no, society still frowns upon those who just want to have some fun, even if they are consenting adults doing what they like in the privacy of their own home. Really, the labeling of shame associated with vibrators and dildos must stop. If you are into BDSM, don’t be embarrassed about it. Who is anyone to judge? And really, BDSM was such a bad thing then the Fifty Shades of Grey wouldn’t sell over 100 million copies worldwide!

Let’s face it, people like to experiment. They want a bit of flavor in their lives. They want something exciting, different and unique; something to maximize their enjoyment out of sex, to strengthen their relationship or marriage and to have a healthier and more satisfying love life.

Sex toys are incredibly popular – we should know, as we have built a highly profitable online business on them. And why not? Modern life brings with it a number of new technologies – better computers, safer home appliances, connected homes, smarter offices, energy efficient personal transport and more, so as to make your tasks easier, convenient and more enjoyable. So, why not extend the same logic to sex toys?

Sex toys of today, as you will see in our online store are made using the latest technologies. They are safer, better and sexier. They maximize your enjoyment of sex, improve your orgasms and develop a healthy libido. A lot of research and development goes into the development of sex toys (yes, it’s a lot of fun, but trust us; it’s a serious business), which have made them an indispensable part of every bedroom.

The sex toy industry is a thriving and a fast growing one. Every six months or so, we see new styles of products being introduced in our industry and the models get updated every so often based on real time feedback received from actual users of these sex toys. The goal is to help couples AND singles achieve the greatest joy out of sex.

Yes, at Online Intimates, it gives us great joy that attitudes across Europe and North America are slowly shifting from embarrassment and shame to a gradual acceptance of sex toys as a normal part of adult life. Yes, a lot more needs to be done to allay any fear or doubt that so many adults have about sex toys, and the sex industry is doing quite a lot in this direction.

There are many misconceptions about sex toys and even about sex. A lot of people – far too many for our comfort – share a negative view of masturbation and believe that sex toys take away the joy out of couples’ sex in a marriage or relationship. This is far from the truth – masturbation is a healthy sexual activity and sex toys add flavor and excitement to your sex life, they do not replace anything.

We hope you recognize this and buy sex toys for yourself and your partner at, proudly and happily, without even a hint of an embarrassment. There is nothing to be embarrassed about having a fulfilling sex life! We have a number of one of the best collections of erotic products anywhere on the Web;

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