Remodeling without all the stress

Are you getting ready to remodel a room in your home? Though it may be really exciting, especially at first, to get all your ideas together and buy everything, a remodeling job can go from fun to stressful in a matter of minutes. Just the work alone is stressful not to mention if you find any problems along the way that need to be taken care of. And on top of that, the remodeled room is off-limits while the job is being completed. Fortunately, the Washington Blade gave us a few ways to make your remodeling job a little less stressful.

Think of others

The first thing you need to do is consider how this remodel job is going to affect your neighbors. You probably want to be a good neighbor, especially if you are going to spend years living next to them. So, consider that they might be annoyed by the construction and trucks in the neighborhood. One great thing you might want to do is drop off little gifts to the neighbors before construction explaining what the time frame will be and what they can expect. Also make sure they have your contact information, so they can contact you if there is a serious problem with your schedule. Otherwise, advanced notice is all they need. Plus, they might be willing to help you out and lessen the load a little bit.


It can be very stressful to try and keep pets out of paint and safe from construction. Before you get started, come up with a plan to protect them. This could be as easy as locking them in a room during the construction process (with breaks supervised to the outdoors of course). Or you could simply take them to a pet daycare to stay for a few weeks while the construction happens. This will depend on both your relationship with your pets and with how extensive the construction process is going to be. Sometimes, if it is just one room behind closed doors, you don’t have to worry too much about getting them out of the way.

Routines to lower stress

The hardest part about a remodel job is that you lose a room you are used to using regularly. Your routine is being interrupted. That means it is essential to come up with a new routine ahead of time. It will not only help your sanity with lost space but will also help the sanity of everyone else living in the home. If you take care of these few things before starting your remodeling, you’ll have a much less stressful and more enjoyable experience!

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