Recipe: Your Very Own Trail Mix

You can make enough of this mix to last you for days with only 10$ and it makes a great snack. Be mindful to eat it in moderation though, as it uses a lot of calorie dense foods. However, it should also fill you up more than any bag of potato chips or pretzels could. 

To Make the Mix: Mix the ingredients together anyway that you see fit. Our suggestion is about 2/5 granola, 1/5 of everything else, but it’s up to you.
Note: Honey and Maple Syrup can be added, but you might like to add these to individual servings so that you don't have quite as much of a mess on your hands.

Make your own Granola:

Remember, you can play around with flavors a bit. Add more or less vanilla, honey or cinnamon; or use maple syrup instead of honey. There are options, so choose what you like best. Maybe a little orange zest would be good. I don't know, I haven't tried it yet.


  • Granola: Find a brand that uses only natural ingredients like vanilla, cinnamon or honey. Granola tastes great with all natural ingredients anyway, so why mess it up. It is probably cheaper to make your own, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, see the recipe below.
  • Nuts: Such as whole almonds, peanuts, or cashews
  • Dried Fruit: Such as craisins (dried cranberries), raisins, dried pineapple, or banana chips
  • Seeds: Sunflower seeds are common, but you can use any kind you like. Just don't include the shell.
    • 8 cups of rolled oats
    • 1 cup of oat bran
    • 1.5 teaspoons of salt
    • 3/4 cup of sunflower oil or canola oil
    • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon
    • 1.5 tablespoons of vanilla extract
    • 3/4 cup of honey
    1. Mix the salt, oil, cinnamon, vanilla and honey together in a bowl. Pour over the rolled oats and oat bran and mix. This will work better if you heat wet mixture first, which can be done quickly and easily in the microwave.
    2. Spread the mixture out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place in a 300 degree oven.
    3. Cook for 20-30 minutes until slightly brown and toasted, taking the sheet out and mixing once or twice so it is not too clumped together.
    4. Store in an airtight container and freeze if you are not going to eat it right away. Mix with nuts, fruit and seeds to make your own trail mix.