Recipe: Fresh n'Tasty Tomato Salsa

This simple salsa recipe is the perfect refreshment for anything from an afternoon picnic to a hot summer’s night—and is also a great addition to pasta, sandwiches and eggs!




6 large Tomatoes

2 medium Onions (Bermuda for spicy, Vidalia for sweet)

½ bunch Cilantro

1 Jalapeno Pepper

1/2 Lemon, juiced (can substitute 1 Lime, juiced)

1/2 tsp Sea Salt

1 tsp Cumin, ground

Tabasco Sauce




1.      Dice the tomatoes and the onions and mix lightly in a large mixing bowl.

2.      In a blender, puree the cilantro leaves and jalapeno together, and then add this to the tomato mixture. 

3.      Add the lemon juice, sea salt and cumin and mix thoroughly—being careful not to rob the tomatoes of their chunky texture.

4.      Add Tabasco to taste, stir and enjoy!