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WebsitesWhile many social-working sites are not much more than platforms for chatter Authentic Mike Singletary Elite Jersey , others have evolved into fantastic tools for renovation, build ing, and decorating projects. Designers, for instance, are starting to use private Pinterest boards to are ideas with clients by pinning images of paint colors, fabric samples, and more. "The boards keep us organized and create a dynamic dialogue," says designer Jayne Michaels.Dering Hall helps hoowners find interior designers. Browse hundreds of portfolios to choose a firm, or, if you're just looking for inspiration, scroll through photo galleries organized by room and style. Another site, Cultivate Authentic Mike Singletary Bears Jersey , focuses on kitchen redos. You can also crowdsource a solution for a renovation problem in one of its lively, thed forums.Intertive maps on Porch allow you to search for local architects and trade professionals, view their work, and even find out whether your neighbors or Febook friends have used their services.AppsHozadaA robust app that corrals many headhes of hoowning, from insurance to maintenance. It can also be a big help with a renovation: Set grantsguys.ho-improvent-grants project ti lines, forecast your spending, trk budgets, and manage your to-do's. Free; itunes., googleplay..MagicplanCreate aurate floor plans by taking pictures of a spe with your smartphone. Instructions are straightforward, and the app lets you mark doorways and windows. Rooms can even be bined into a multispe diagram. Free; itunes., googleplay..Ho Design 3DIf your renovation is more of a redecoration, this app might be just what you need. Draw rooms Authentic Mike Singletary Womens Jersey , choose flooring, "hang" wallpaper, and are it all via Dropbox. A daynight function ows where light falls inside a room throughout the day. $7; itunes..Ikea CatalogSpot a great sofa in the Ikea catalog? Scan the image with your smart phone or tablet, snap a picture of the room you want to see it in, and voil! There it is. Works for approximately 90 items in the store's current line. Free; itunes., googleplay..AdornablyDesign and opping in one ple. Tap on furniings in the app's gallery and "ple" them in a picture of a room on your iPad. Use your finger to move and arrange the items -- then just click to purchase the ones you want. Free; itunes..Illustration by Steven Guarnaia

This Is A Developing Story It is the humans who have exploited the natural resources for the sake of developnt. So it is now our responsibility to save the pla from further degradation by saving its natural resources. A pri reason why these natural resources have been exploited is due to the high consumption of natural materials, like coal, natural gas, iron ore, cobalt and trees. Man had been cutting trees to et his daily requirents, from building hos to cooking purposes, from the very beginning and this has resulted in exploitation of the most useful non-renewable resources like wood and natural gas. But the question arises Womens Mike Singletary Bears Jersey , how we can overe this great loss?The answer is simple. Human beings who have destructed the environnt can overe this loss by harnessing eco-friendly products. The natural resources are being overused for the construction purposes. Due to this reason, real estate developers have started using eco-friendly building materials for developnt and construction purposes. So of the techniques listed below are used by real-estate developers:Reusing building materialsWith innovative thods, low consumption of natural resources can now be done using recycled materials for surplus building materials. With conservative approh, many real estate developers have now started using the recycled materials as raw materials to overe the construction material needs. Deconstructed materials that can be recycled are oustical ceiling tiles, concrete, window glass, plastic film and many more. Waste timber can also be recycled and reused for construction purposes again. Timber is hardwood and thus can be easily removed from old buildings and brought into reuse to make furniture or other household items. Solar powerWind and solar power are renewable sources which can be replenied again. Thus solar panels can be used to generate electricity for heating and lighting purposes which can minimize utility expenses incurred by hoowners.Low thermal emissive glassesWindow glasses coated with Pyrolytic CVD and magron spluttering, improve the thermal efficiency of glass. Glasses emit high radiant thermal energy but the glasses manuftured from low emissive materials improve the thermal efficiency and thus they absorb and reflect very less amount of heat energy. It may cost more money initially but it can help the environnt to a great extent. Rain water harvestingWater can be saved by recycling the rain water. Installing rooftop tanks can be a great way to save rain water and later on utilize it for watering the plants and cleaning purposes. Rain water can also be recycled for irrigation and construction purposes, which need a lot of water supply. Go Green by GardeningGardening can be done for beautification as well as to save the environnt. Plant as much trees as you can. This will not only beautify your ho’s view but will maintain good flow of oxygen which is necessary for survival on earth. Start by planting diff