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In recent years billiga nike free run 3 sverige , rapid economic development along the coast, part of the production processes of traditional industries and gradually shift to the central and western regions. As for shoes for the west, Chengdu and Chongqing Bishan two production bases in western footwear. About Chengdu Shoes 1. China shoes capital market development and Chengdu Shoes ancient times, 100 years ago, Chengdu, starch Street shoe workshop has been quite well known. There has been a very large scale, of which 80% of the aggregate in Wuhou. At present, Chengdu has been formed by the nearly 4,000 cluster composed of related businesses, sales income of more than 10 billion yuan, of which export 1 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about 80%.Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the characteristics of shoe as a dominant industry, has formed a shoe in Chengdu, Sichuan, Chengdu Shoes Wuhou see the good development trend, Wuhou shoes and the surrounding industrial park in Sichuan Province gathered in more than 80% shoe making enterprises, supporting the formation of a Jackie Chan, production and marketing integration, shoes billions of dollars annually double the annual output value of more than 70 billion over the size of industry; which shoes production ranked third. At present, Chengdu shoes has entered 117 countries and territories worldwide. 2. Chengdu shoes Brand Chengdu shoe industry, a group of star shoe companies such as Emerson children shoes, card mei shoes, ylang ylang shoes, Sheng Niya shoes, which Emerson children brand shoes in 2006 was the only western 11 countries export exemption certificate. Production and design of these relatively high levels have been satisfied with OEM foundry business, urgently requires the development of own brand and enhance the core competitiveness of products. November 2006 nike free run 2 herr , Chengdu Shoes set up a brand strategy in China shoes capital alliance to jointly promote the Chengdu shoes brand image. 3. Chengdu Footwear Exports Exports: the export business from the view size to small and medium enterprises as the mainstay. According to industry estimates, more than 1,200 households in Chengdu shoe manufacturers in 2006 exported more than 50 million pairs of footwear products, the value of more than 700 million U.S. dollars, exports account for about 80% of total output (domestic sales less than 20%), most of the products by OEM OEM, export without border into the customs statistics.Export Market: Chengdu footwear exports to more than 100 countries and regions. Europe, the United States is the main export market, accounting for 75.63% of total exports, of which Europe accounted for 56.49% of total exports. The top 10 exporting countries and regions in the United States, Russia year old Williams, the European Union, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Latvia, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Panama, accounting for 81.35% of total exports.Export the environment: the EU has been the tradition of Chengdu footwear export markets, in recent years exports have been expanding and constantly improving efficiency. October 5, 2006, the EU Council approved the official collection of Chinese leather shoes anti dumping duties of 16.5%, Chengdu footwear products exported to the EU face the cold. As the anti dumping duties normally digested by the importer, the EU footwear importers profit margins around 15 20%, and the anti dumping tax is to suppress the profits of importers and exhausted, the EU orders began to India, Pakistan and other countries transfer , Chengdu shoe industry had a greater negative impact. Chongqing Bishan Shoes 1. Bishan About Shoes Bishan is a large scale western footwear production base. After years of development, Bishan County, has formed more than 1300 footwear and related businesses to form more than 60 million pairs of shoes annually, the annual output of 4.57 billion yuan in industrial scale. Of these, 25 enterprises approved by China Leather Association, features a leather logo, and create a national free products, brand six Chongqing, Chongqing Famous Trademark four, two in Chongqing City, known products, products sold to more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, products are sold to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and also exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, in Europe and other regions.County has 400 registered trademark shoes, have a company approved by China Leather Association, features a leather logo, 20 enterprises have passed IS09001, 2000 international quality system certification, eight enterprises to become China Quality Around the demonstration unit, Chongqing Brand 3, Chongqing well known products 1, 2 nike free run 2 dam svart , Chongqing famous trademark. 2. Bishan Industrial Park West shoes Shoes are located in western Chongqing Bishan Industrial Park, adjacent to the Chongqing metropolitan area, strategic location, unique geographical advantages, convenient transportation, complete infrastructure, municipal facilities are complete.Bishan County, West shoes are from the Peoples Government and Chinas western shoe Aokang Group integrated resources to enhance grade footwear, formation of industrial clusters to enhance the overall competitiveness of the footwear industry planning and construction. In 2003, the first commanded the troops on the west Aokang Group, the investment success of one billion yuan to establish the China Shoes Industrial Park West, the industrial park is a set of shoe production, shoe trade, product trade, logistics, storage and transportation, quality inspection , news and information, training, R & D, commercial and residential matching shoes for the whole of the modern industrial city. Opportunities and challenges facing 1. Opportunities In recent years, the east coast of the capital and foreign forces to speed up the race pace of the west: water and fire power, real estate, tourism, agriculture and Chinese medicine and other items, have all left their presence. Wenzhou shoe bra.