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Regular oral hygiene helps remove food debris from tooth enamel and the pockets inside gums. Professional dental cleanings take this process one step further, and use tools to remove stuck-on plaque. Plaque isn't just hardened food debris-- it's actually a film formed by bacteria, proteins, and fats. When this plaque is allowed to remain for a long time, acids produced by the bacteria begin to eat through the tooth surface and cause cavities. Plaque may also become mineralized, turning into tartar. The objective of Mesquite teeth cleaning is to remove plaque before it has the chance to result in cavities or harden into tartar. This is accomplished with ultrasonic tooth cleaners and polishers. If it has been a long time between cleanings, resulting in a heavy plaque and tartar build-up, then a deep scaling (using anesthetics) may be required to ensure that all of the cavity-causing material is removed.


During a cleaning visit, Mesquite dentists may also choose to perform an intraoral and extraoral exam. This entails taking a series of x-rays of teeth Diego Costa Spain Jersey , and an examination of gum tissue, lymph nodes, old fillings and other dental work, and how well teeth fit together. Mesquite dentists may also use special tools to determine how deep gum pockets are (deep pockets are an indicator of gum disease), and how severe cavities are. Afterward, the dentist will interpret any x-rays he or she took, go over his or her findings with the patient, and schedule more dental work as needed.


A Mesquite teeth cleaning serves two purposes-- they help prevent cavities, gum disease, and bad breath, and they give dentists an overview of any existing problems that need to be corrected. Even if your teeth and gums are in good health, it is unwise to skip dental cleanings. Tooth brushes, dental floss, and mouth rinses are good at removing food debris, but they are not strong enough to scrape away hardened plaque or tartar and have a lot of trouble getting into the spaces around back teeth. Since cleanings are when Mesquite dentists also usually perform x-rays and exams, skipping cleanings means you are also missing out on the opportunity to catch minor cavities and inflammation before they turn into serious dental problems.


Nobody enjoys getting fillings or root canals David Silva Spain Jersey , but dental cleanings are preventative medicine. They're generally painless and easy, especially if good dental hygiene is followed regularly. The longer patients go between professional cleanings, the longer and more complicated the cleaning process may become. If you haven't been able to schedule a regular cleaning in a while, contact a local dental office to help ensure that your teeth and gums are as clean and healthy as they can be.


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