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Preface: chiffon texture thin cool Dermontti Dawson Jersey , colorful, season to become the protagonist. Colorful solid color chiffon shirt summer is a beautiful landscape, how to properly mix the color was not hard. We teach you how to collocate solid color chiffon with trick: color match! Solid color chiffon shirt with a solid color of downloading to ride, with only two colors to match, simple and stylish, easy to reach! More collocation skill, welcome to http:www.koreanjapanclothing


Yellow chiffon shirt + white high waist shorts


Collocation Recommended >>> Yellow + White is a very fresh and bright combination of yellow chiffon vest with white high waist shorts, color ratio of 1:1, visually very coordinated.


Light blue chiffon online clothing shoppingvest + pink skirt


Collocation Recommended >>> light blue and pink with a wonderful combination of a sense of harmony, used in the mix chiffon shirt more elegant and refined. Cream color twenty-two hardly go wrong with, it is recommended you go to the Department of sweet beauty.


White chiffon shirt + light blue denim shorts


Collocation Recommended >>> white chiffon shirt with light denim shorts, is light-colored with a very refreshing visually.


Bright pink chiffon shirt + white lace dress


Collocation Recommended >>> very eye-catching bright pink, white lace skirt not only did not get it, the limelight, but has become a plus highlights. Even the accessories are bright pink, pink body relatively large area, look feminine.


White strapless chiffon shirt + pink shorts


Collocation Recommended >>> equally with white and pink, this choice is a lighter form of pink, white larger, the effect of rendering more girls a sense Terry Bradshaw Jersey , is a good way to make you look younger.


Hollow powder blue fashion wholesale clothingchiffon shirt + white shorts crimping


Collocation Recommended >>> powder blue and white with a very fresh, with white shoes and bags, stronger sense of fashion.


White chiffon shirt + water green chiffon shorts


Collocation Recommended >>> white chiffon shirt really wild single product, do not want to fall into the stereotypes and ultimately, more vibrant colors downloading, this water green chiffon shorts bright spots, and white 1:1 mix, with black as a decoration, it is simple and stylish.


Beige chiffon shirt + black skirt


Collocation Recommended >>> camel is a classic wild color, with the camel as the main color can enhance a sense of elegance, beige chiffon shirt with a black skirt look stylish and elegant.


White chiffon shirt + navy blue skirt


Collocation Recommended >>> simple collocation is the season of the mainstream, simple design navy blue skirt eye-catching enough, with a low-key wild white chiffon shirt, color and profile shape and the same bright, fun to watch.


Yellow chiffon shirt + black wholesale plus size clothingshorts


Collocation Recommended >>> very inflated sense of bright yellow, low-key atmosphere, there are black sense of contraction, with clever use of color can also have the effect of body modification. Pear-shaped body crush can try this one style.


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