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Many contractors don’t really get through one’s head how advantageous metal cut off saws can be before they are faced with cutting re-bar Bastian Schweinsteiger Germany Jersey , light metal pipe, brackets, etc. Once faced with the need for a prolonged metal cutting saw that is called for by these types of scenarios the construction worker is faced with looking thru a flood of options these days. Perhaps the most baffling part of this part is finding a saw that best suits himher without actually ever really using one of these types of saws that much. I have used Metal cut off saws throughout my fabrication career, so perhaps I can cast off some light.


basically, when cutting metal it is important to have a good blade and a good amount of power output from your saw. The Makita cut off saw uses a carbide tipped blade that has 50 times the cutting life of a accustomed abrasive type of blade. This gives you longer life out of your blade and also finishes the cuts much faster than with other metal chop saws. The Makita LC1230 sports a 15 AMP motor that almost cuts throught most steel cutting scenarios like a hot knife thru wax!


This chop saw metal cutting device utilizes a D-shaped handle design that is no bother to pull and deal with. In addition to this the holding system for the cutting equipment is very sufficient and uses a quick locking habit that further aids the speed with which component can move thru this saw. Instead of using an bottom-rung system such as a sawzall of hacksaw, using of this type of design saves you both time and money in the long run. I have been on many jobs where we were able to cut a large amount of 34 inch re-bar in less than a half day and were ready to continue on with your project. I have seen this saw run till the motor and blade were screaming hot, yet the saw never got damaged or failed to achieve under this kind of abuse.


The producer and engineers at Makita are world acclaimed for their well-built and loyal models. That is one of the pleasurable things about owning a Makita saw, you don’t really need to worry about it breaking. And the amount of aftermarket attachments make this saw very multifaceted on the job-site.


I have seen this saw work in a field environment cutting on-site scenarios, and in shops were it continually cut excessive gauge metal with ease. If you use the carbide tipped blade you don’t need to even sand the ends after a cut because the cut is ordinarily clean and without any burs. I have personally left this saw with my crew on inumerable jobs and they were never able to break it Miroslav Klose Germany Jersey , as they had many of my other tools! Throughout the years I have adjusted my tool purchases around what works and what doesn’t work. One thing I can tell you is that thru this incident I have purchase more Makita tools than I did at the start of my constructions career.


Whether you are a builder who needs to prep pieces, a sign maker who needs to cut angle iron, or just a contractor like me that has countless re-bar and bracket cuts, this is the saw for you! It is much better to buy a quality saw at first, than to buy it l after buying a few more cost effective typer that never last!


If you would like more analysis about the Makita LC1230 12-inch Metal Cutt Off Saw, drop over our website for an In-Depth product review. We have resources available where you can get firsthand access to the hottest deals from suppliers that deliver fast, and often free shipping! Click here for all the details!

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