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TNA iMPACT Report for May 19th Mike Quick Jersey , 2011 By The Reporter – WrestleSite. We kick the ow off with a recap of Mick Foleys “wrestling matters speech and introduction of Chyna from last week and nts from Kurt Angle after Srifice, plus highlights of Sting vs Rob Van Dam and the postmatch confrontation beeen Sting and Ken Anderson. From there we go into the new opening, which is way better than the old one, and then were off to the newly redesigned Impt Zone as Eric Bischoff and Immortal kick the ow off with an in-ring promo. Bischoff asks the fans if they like what he and Hogan did with the ple, even though Mick Foley had nothing to do with it and if it were up to him, itd be thumbtks matter, not wrestling, and he wonders when he woke up and saw Frank Gotch in the mirror. Bischoff says Hogan is in New York eting with Mick Foley and work executives, and hell be done with Mick Foley soon. Since everyone else is gone, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair Chuck Bednarik Elite Jersey , and Immortal are running the ow, and anybody who gets in their way is going to pay the price. Brian Kendricks music hits, and he es out with the X-Division crew out to the ring. Kendrick says Bischoffs ausing of wrestlers getting in his way on a wrestling ow, and thats funny ing from a non-wrestler who has leeched off the business since Kendrick was a kid. Bischoff es out to the aisle to et Kendrick fe to fe and he says hes glad Kendrick ca out to express his feelings, but Bischoff says hes going to make history by wiping out the X-Division once and for all. Since its not about weight limits but no limits, there really will be no limits when Frankie Kazarian fes Abyss, Mildly Moderately Red will fe Samoa Joe, and Generation Me will have their dream e true when they get into the ring with one of their idols, Matt Hardy, and Hardys partner…Eric Bischoff, who is going to kick so vanilla **** ass. Kendrick asks if Bischoff has anything for him Brian Dawkins Elite Jersey , and Bischoff responds by slapping him in the fe, leading to an all-out brawl with Immortal laying out the X-Division guys. Fortune runs out and attks Immortal and clears them out of the ring. The fight continues out to the aisle before cooling off, but Flair goes after Jas Storm and the fight breaks out again. The X-Division guys recover and go after Immortal, clearing them out of the ring and hitting a series of big dives. It is just bedlam as the fight tears its way around ringside, and then Flair challenged Robert Roode to et him out in the ring later in the evening. Up next: Knockouts six-woman tion, and outside the building, soone wearing Stings old neon outfit is getting out of a limo! Is there ANY chance at all that it will tually be Sting? Find out…NEXT! Ti for our first match… Sarita, Rosita and Madison Rayne vs Mickie Jas, Tara and Miss Tessmher Hernandez and Anarquia e out to the broadcast booth for the next match. Madison and Tara start, but Madison tags out to Rosita before any contt is made, so Tara steps out and Mickie es in to fe Rosita. Rosita gets up in Mickies fe Jordan Matthews Elite Jersey , so Mickie oves her on her ass and gets a hamrlock into a side headlock. Rosita uses the hair to take Mickie bk to her corner and tags out to Madison, and the three of them triple team Mickie in the corner. Mickie fires bk with right forearms and tags in Tara, but Madison runs bk to her corner and tags Sarita in, and Sarita dropkicks Tara in the bk and charges her in the corner, Tara gets a sunset flip, Sarita rolls through, and Tara wipes Sarita out with a clothesline dn tags Tessmher in. They take Sarita out with a double clothesline and Tessmher hits a running elbowdrop for 2. Tessmher with a series of forearms but Rosita grabs her from the outside and now the heels beat Tessmher down 3-on-1 in the corner. Tessmher gets a rollup for 2 and then tags out to Tara, and Madison again tags out to Rosita, who gets killed by clotheslines from Tara. Tara with a spinning side suplex for 2, then all hell breaks loose in the ring as Madison sneaks up on Tara. Madison tosses Rosita to Tara, who hits a Sky High and pins Rosita for the win. Winners: Tara Jason Kelce Elite Jersey , Mickie Jas & Miss Tessmher Solid match, Tessmher needs to learn how to sell but otherwise pretty good. Frankie Kazarian defends the X-Division Title against Abyss…next! Whoever is impersonating Sting is wandering around bkstage, and then we see Eric Bischoff telling Abyss that he wants him to destroy Kazarian, and ask himself what would Sansu do. No idea what that ans, so well just move on to the match… X-Division Title Match: Frankie Kazarian vs Abyss Abyss charges Kazarian in the corner, but Kazarian dodges out of the way and lays in right hands. Kazarian dodges another charge and goes up for the ten punches in the corner. Kazarian with a flying forearm, slides beeen the legs of Abyss, and hits a dropkick, but then Abyss catches him with a bk elbow. Abyss whips Kazarian to the corner and follows in with a running spla and tries a chokeslam, Kazarian slips out of the way and dodges yet another charge, then hits a springboard dropkick and both n are down. Kazarian with a flying headscissors out of the corner Mychal Kendricks Elite Jersey , a springboard elbow, and a Lionsault gets 2. Kazarian tries kicking Abyss legs out and gets bkdropped to the apron, Kazarian nails Abyss and goes up top but Abyss catches him ing off and goes for a chokeslam and Kazarian reverses to a victory roll for 2. Abyss picks Kazarian up and hits Shock Treatnt and goes for the Vader Bomb, but Kazarian rolls out of the way and Abyss hits hard on his knee. Kazarian goes right after the knee like a ark, but the referee bks Kazarian off. Kazarian brues past him, but Abyss kicks him ing in with the big boot, revealing the leg injury to be a ruse, and hits the Blk Hole Slam for the win and the title. Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Abyss Taz says he bets the inter is burning up right now as Abyss tells the cara how smart he is for faking the leg injury to sucker Kazarian in. Gunner is stalking around an