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Beware - The Dangers of DownloadingIf you are older than 40 this may not ock you Jed Lowrie Womens Jersey , but believe it or not, people of all ages are being sued by music panies for downloading and aring music. One of my collegues told about this because their teenager had this tually happen to them. It was an extrely expensive way to get music. Teenagers are bombarded daily with ads and opportunities mp3 movie downloads to get new music on the inter; people of all ages that download music from the inter for that matter are at risk. Have you ever heard of the old saying....nothing is free? Well, in the instance of file aring it is just that.....not free. There are panies out there such as Kazaa that you can join for $29.99 per month and begin "file aring". This may sound like you are paying for the music. Not so. You are purchasing the use of their sofare. The producers and musicians are not being paid through these panies. These panies are providing a service to you but it deals with their sofare.Aording to .foxnews. In New York, so music producers or panies that represent musicians are turning to the legal system to regain lost ine. This may seem drastic but literally millions of dollars are being siphened off of the music panies via the inter. You do not have to be the one who downloaded the song and you do not have to have a recording of the song either. Just having it on your puter is enough. In the case of my colleague, her daughter had the lone puter in a dorm room at Texas A&M University. She was sent a notice of the lawsuit. Their daughter did not download the music and did not even listen to that genre. The music pany was not interested in plea bargaining. There were thousands of students included in this lawsuit. My colleague had to hire an attorney and saw thousands of dollars go down the drain in defending their child. Case in point, September 9, 2003 a 12-year-old New York City girl who thought downloading songs was fun. She received a letter in the mail naming her along with hundreds of others in a lawsuit. The parent and girl thought that it was legal because they had paid their $29.99 to a pany on the inter for this service. The oute of this story can be read .cbsnews.stories20030828techmain570507.tmlHere is the fine print that most people click through without reading:Full trk DownloadsIn addition to any and all other usage prohibitions and restrictions contained in these TOU and the terms and conditions specified during the subscription registration process for the Subscription Service to which you subscribe, you agree that the following usage restrictions apply to full trk downloads of Materials through the Subscription Services:Full trk downloads are protected using digital rights managent ("DRM") technology.Before being able to plete your music Subscription Service sign-up, you must register an Aount with BDE.Before being able to download or play Materials, you must log into your Aount from the PC on which you wi to play those Materials.You may log in from and play files on up to 3 different PCs.The Services support PCs only, not M or Linux.You knowledge you have read and understand the minimum patibility requirents for the Subscription Services, and that you must be running Windows XP or Vista, and have Windows Media Player 10 or a later version installed in order to aess the Services and Sofare.You are strictly prohibited from burning any of the full trk downloads to a CD or any other permanent storage dia.When your Subscription Service expires or is cancelled, any downloaded Materials will no longer be playable or otherwise aessible by you. 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