Material Design update Android

Although Android M has not yet officially been announced by Google, most people working within the industry fully expect them to disclose this latest OS version along with "Voice Access" that will promise to make your mobile apps hands free, thanks to voice actions and “Nearby” that is thought to allow devices to communicate along with people and places, you guessed it nearby. Material Design update Android

However, it’s what to expect from the Material Design announcements that are particularly exciting fans who will be watching closely at the handful of sessions, but it’s the intriguing title of “Bringing Material Design to Life on Android” that is sure to grab all of the headlines.

Whilst Google’s latest design initiative continues to embed itself into nearly every app imaginable on Android, it didn’t take long for eagle-eyed fans to notice that another session aims to "explore virtual reality and how it may change our lives" in the I/O event schedule which leads to the natural conclusion that there will be a major focus on bringing the world of VR to its Material Design.