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Follow my xbox 360 Care Guide below and do the sa for your Xbox 360 Mike Ditka Jersey , to ensure that you minimize your risk of paying money for repairs. When I called Microsoft I was told that the typical wait ti for a repair was 4-6 weeks and that the cost of the repair would be $140. In the later case, you'll need to send $140 to Microsoft as repair fees and you'll likewise have to bear the ipping charges.Add o nylon waers on eh screw from your heat sinks and screw rid of it around the motherboard. The stability ftor es in position here. Remove the fan and also the motherboard.Your xbox 360 power brick needs to be pled in an open area with proper ventilation as well. It's better than most of another red light fix repair sites. After opening the puter managent, select the Disk Managent to find out your portable drive inside the list. I know I'm not, which is why I think this guide is great.Try to maintain a soft Dick Butkus Jersey , clean cloth nearby your Xbox console. The best repair guides can be bought on the web and downloaded upon paynt, they are inexpensive (about $25) and provide that you simply ca bk guarantee and 247 custor support. If you exit outside, the surfe will collect dust, which will then add dust and debris inside the Xbox DVD tray. If you want to have bk to playing your ga system within the next couple of hours Tim Jennings Jersey , the guide is your best bet. Because of its poor ventilation the console gets hotter a lot and quite free xbox live codes often a bit of fre air is all which is needed.Finally, if not one of the foregoing suggestions solve the problem, there are a few excellent guides that will require step-by-step through instructional videos demonstrating how to repair your Xbox 360 Console from your own ho. This is great if you are not really a technical person. In case there's a dependence on that, you have to make bkups of the data.It's simple to understand. 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