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Abstract: This paper analyzes the high frequency induction heating principle nike shox r4 homme , in practice the key technology, as well as in GYTS, GYTA53 series advantage of optical cables. Keywords: Joule heat (jouleheating); high frequency heating machine (High-frequencymachine); strip lap Glossary Joule heat - filled with the electrolyte inside the capillary in the high electric field generated by self-heating. High frequency heating machine - full name of the "high frequency induction heating machine," also known as high-frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency heating power, high frequency power, high frequency welding machine, high frequency induction heating machine , high frequency induction heating (welding machines), etc., it is mainly metal for induction heating (non-contact); to fast heating the metal, there is power, small size, easy installation, easy operation, safety reliable, and fast heating advantages of a wide range of applications. With the Internet business, 3G (3rdGeneration third generation mobile communication technology) business and rapid development of multimedia applications, network traffic is to exponentially rapid expansion, which requires the network must have a high bit rate data transmission capability and large capacity throughput cross. Emergence of optical fiber communication technology, the enormous potential of its recent 30THz communication bandwidth capacity to bring a booming opportunity, especially since the proposed information superhighway, optical technology has begun to permeate the entire communication network, optical fiber communication network has to promote the trend. Optical fiber communications in China have gone through 20 years of history. Market is the lifeblood of the industry, the price is the lifeblood of business, how to lower the production costs, improve product quality, to ensure user requirements nike shox nz soldes , is the top priority of all enterprises. This article focuses on the traditional plastic injection mode fiber ladle and new technology - A comparison of high-frequency induction heating. I. Introduction Principles Well-known cable water permeability is one of the users demanding environmental performance indicators, and structure of fiber in the steel ladle is easy lap Department seepage, traditional hot melt filling commonly used to make steel laps fully bonded to prevent water seepage. However, there are many shortcomings of traditional methods, such as the lack of glue will cause additional water seepage occurs, add too much glue will cause a packet occurs when the sheath extrusion, it is difficult to control with man-made glue; other steel surface will be as bond is not strong polyester film is accumulated in the mold core package phenomena arising out jacket. New process uses high-frequency induction heating principle to the surface of coated steel melting, not only firmly bonded steel lap Department, but also improve the bond between steel and the sheath strength, solve problems and protect water seepage phenomenon sets out package. High frequency induction heating principle is the dielectric material in high-frequency electric field induced molecular polarization occurs, arranged according to the direction of electric field, high-frequency electric field due to a very high speed changes in molecular orientation, the dielectric material will be mediated by power loss and heat. High-frequency current flow is made of circular or other shape around the heating coil (usually with copper production). Polar circle created this online change of magnetic moment beam, the metal is heated material placed online, the notion that magnetic beam will be heated through the material, the material is heated within the heating current in the opposite direction and have a great vortex current, due to the resistance of the heated material generated Joule heat, so that the temperature of material and its rapid rise, which is the principle of induction heating. Two widely used high-frequency induction heating machine Frequency heating function of the rapid heating of all the metals, such as: iron, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, tin, gold and silver. 1, suppression of the industry --- the whole Hot Forging, local forging nike shox noir et rouge , drill repression. 2, welding products --- metal brazing, welding blade knives, brass welding (in the cable manufacturing industry can be used to strip lap weld). 3, heat treatment --- metal quenching, annealing, tempering; particular local address (in the cable manufacturing industry can be used for sheathing and the metal band stripping). 4, melting --- melting casting, precious metal smelting, melting of small laboratory. 5, other applications --- powder coating, metal implants plastic, heating to oil (in the cable manufacturing industry, steel wire for wire to squeeze the oil cushion, impurities). 3, application of traditional hot melt adhesives and high frequency welding machine contrast to the situation High frequency induction heating machine, belonging to high-frequency dielectric heating equipment. After the cable core ladle placed electrodes produced by the device between the AC current flow is curled into a loop of the conductor (usually copper), resulting magnetic beam, the steel cable core longitudinally through the brass , would beam through magnetic strip, with the direction of magnetic beam generated from the payment of eddy current (spin current), induction effect at this time, due to the resistance of steel produced Joule heat (1 square R), the temperature rapidly increased, and this is induction heating. Resulting in a state of non-contact strip can be heated. (Heating with Joule heat and heat generated by hysteresis loss, but mainly due to Joule heat.) When the steel by the high-frequency heating, the steel surface heat melt polyester film, use their lap belt P.