Live Game Escape, the ultimate Live Escape Game experience in Las Vegas is coming to Salt Lake City Utah!

High-quality random numbers can now be computed with much less effort. BTW Vegas' best Escape Room Experience Live Game Escape will be opening at Salt Lake City, Utah very soon. Solve the Mystery Escape Room! It will have many of the ultimate escape room adventure from LiveGame Escape's history. Take the ultimate puzzle solving challenge to a new level. Also a New disaster themed puzzle excluisvely from Live Game Escape. Live Game Escape Salt Lake City will be a brand new exciting challenge for the thrill seeker! Escape a emergency control center to make your escape. The team leader will need to find the clues and solve the puzzles to escape in time! Our new Salt Lake City location will have many different puzzles with different themes for anyone. live game escape salt lake city the escape key utah Please visit our website or like us on Facebook for more information.