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According to Ayurveda both the corporeal body as well as food comprises of the five indispensable elements and they are Fire Giants Mark Bavaro Jersey , Earth, Air, Water, and Space. Food, in Ayurveda produces a natural stability, among these indispensable elements inside the body.


The food needs to be cooked in exact proportion having all the 6 tastes like sweet, sour Giants Lawrence Taylor Jersey , salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent. The exceptional elementary compositions in each of these tastes have unique healing attributes. Food thus cooked actually acts as an anti aging diet.


Rasayanas help in rejuvenating the skin


Following are the 7 Rasayanas that aids in restoring and rejuvenating your dermis and body. Integrating these in your daily diet will encourage aging in a healthy way and will help you in overall wellness.




Even though ghee is said to be fat, but still it is healthy and needed by the body. So when you consume more of healthy fats particularly when you are aging it lubricates the skin from the inside and helps in preserving hydration. Ghee in particular is an exceptional fat and Ayurveda believes that this product acts as a rejuvenator and supporter of longevity.


The reason is that ghee has an outstanding rate of assimilation and also has the capacity to perk up digestion. This nourishes our tissues swiftly and allows our body to receive nutrients. Apart from this, ghee in addition is an anti-inciting, which fights free-radical production and precludes strain on our dermis and bodies thus Giants Phil McConkey Jersey , acting as an anti aging diet component.




Ginger the warm herb has healing effect because it boosts blood circulation resulting in the production of collagen, which in turn stirs up the cleansing method of your body. Ginger in addition induces digestive fire helping in the removal of Ama. Ama is an Ayurvedic word denoting wastes and poisons leading to stagnancy and devitalization.




Amalaki, the tiny citrus fruit, is identified as the gooseberry of India. The fruit is a superb anti-inflammatory. It contains a lot of Vitamin C hence provides the dermis and body with potent anti-oxidants. Chyawanprash is a nutritive jam of which Amalaki is the major component, and this is used to sustain and nurture the tissues in your body.




Dates are also a good source of vigor since they hold a mixture of vitamins in addition to minerals including natural sugar. Dates when consumed help in promoting sound sleep, which is very important for anti-aging as well as tissue repair. The dry fruit also helps in improving the percentage of hemoglobin thereby building strong and healthy body tissue. It sure is an anti aging diet ingredient.


Cumin Seeds


Cumin Seeds is a fantastic Rasayana and it helps in the expulsion of toxins and helps in digesting your food properly.




Ayurvedic philosophy states that almonds support your life as well as provide you with nutrition. Almonds are a rich source of protein, and hence they create oomph and strength as well as help in lowering blood cholesterol. They also help in increasing our memory power.


Lemon Juice


Lemons contain large quantity of Vitamin C and hence Giants Harry Carson Jersey , according to Ayurveda they boost your immune power and cleanse the liver. Lemons act as both, a tissue cleansing agent as well as a nourishing agent. A real anti aging diet is lemon.

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