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Article From Article Directory Database Elliptical Trainer Benefits Why Choose An Elliptical Over Other Fitness Equipment Considering a piece of fitness equipment and wondering about the unique elliptical trainer benefits?

The truth is that there are many elliptical trainer benefits that you won t find with other types of fitness equipment. Here are just a few.

1) Work Both Your Upper Body and Lower Body For A More Effective Workout

Think about all of the other machines you have to choose from exercise bikes, treadmills and stair climbers. These all have one thing in common they all only work the lower half of your body.

With upper body arm bars, the elliptical machine allows you to work your upper body at the same time as your lower body, forcing you to use virtually every major muscle group during your workout.

An elliptical machine will give you a better, more complete workout in less time. This is a huge elliptical trainer benefit since most of us don t have hours to spend working out. With an elliptical you can get a tight, toned body in less time.

2) Zero Impact Gives You a More Comfortable Workout

Running is a fantastic fat burning workout. And the surface of a high quality treadmill is much more forgiving, when it comes to impact Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , than the surface of the street.

But if you ve got knee, ankle or hip problems even running on a treadmill may be impossible for you. The pain associated with the impact of pounding the pavement is one of the main reasons many people don t get out and run.

An elliptical trainer provides the same, if not better, fat burning workout than running does but without the jarring impact.

You can get the same benefits of increased endurance and weight loss that are associated with running without worrying about any potential damage from the impact. You can even use an elliptical machine one hundred percent pain free if you ve already suffered prior injuries from running, because they re so easy on the joints.

3) More Compact Size to Fit Even Small Home Gyms

Elliptical machines pack more of a punch than exercise bikes and treadmills and they do it in less space. Most elliptical machines are smaller in size than an average treadmill or exercise bike.

This makes the elliptical an ideal choice for someone setting up a home gym. If you don t have a lot of space available or if you live in a small home or apartment, an elliptical machine is perfect. You won t have to sacrifice a lot of living space to get a great piece of workout equipment.

Plus many trainers come with wheels on the bottom and are lighter than treadmills so you can easily move them out of the way. Some new elliptical models even fold up for even more space saving benefits.

4) More Variety Means Less Boredom, More Effective Workouts and A Better Body

With standard exerc.