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I am Debbie Warford with Home Solutions Realty Serving the Dallas TX Area

Today we are going to go over the Steps of Placing a home on the market To the Date of Closing

Lets Begin

Bullet 1: There are a few things that a Seller must consider before placing their home on the market. These may seem obvious but let’s talk for a bit about these. If the seller sells their home, they must be moving to another home, you will need a Home Loan to buy another home. So if you are going to sell your home and consider buying another home. You will need to Call A Lender, Before I list your home. Now let’s move, I meet you in your home that you want to sell and you can tell me about your moving plans. I explain how your home will be marketed, about the Appointment Services, professional Photos that will be shot, Videos that will be made, Flyers and Web sites and a list of qualified buyers that will receive all this information about your home. We will then discuss all your homes Great selling features and look at the Comparable properties that have sold to establish a price that you would like your home listed for.

I will tell you how the Pre-Sales Handyman Program works and answer any questions you may have

Bullet 2: You inform me that you would like me to list your home. We set a time to meet.

Bullet 3: We sign the listing agreement and I go through the home and we decide what small repair items will increase the value of your home and get more full price offers from the buyers

Next Video we are going to be going over the repairs needed. Using your $1,000 of Pre-Sales Handyman Services.

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