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Cloudracer is running shoes brand About Switzerland into Taiwan's four key shoe, the most top light running shoes, the measured fat only 248 grams (US) nearly standard, lightweight On the exterior with the previously described three have got significant different On running footwear, in addition to sole CLOUDTEC bottoms associated with science and technology is used On the only, the streamlined shoe system with light and shoes material, present a different design concept, and the design understanding of such differentiation, in running shoes performance will produce types of special function and consequence? nike air max 2014 Tested runners Cloudracer test the first time, said after smooth emotion Cloudracer way CLOUDTEC bottoms of hollowed out out pipe ground tactility not necessarily obvious, but Cloudracer with a light in weight shoe money at the very same level often lack of sensation of soft Q comfortable approach, further analysis of Cloudracer CLOUDTEC weighed against other series shoes hollowed out pipe configuration, found Cloudracer foot bottom hollow pipe is 4 x3, the design of the your back heel is 2 x3, also found that other Cloudracer hollow pipe is usually flat, and configuration more CLOUDTEC hollow out pipe debris, when the ground so capable to provide more overall simplefeel gets the special way of emotion, particles by cadence and also Cloudracer hollow out when operating pipe compression strength, in a position to generate the appropriate acceleration responses strength of ascension, but also might absorb the impact of the soil, pick the whole out along with other series of soft Q street feeling, so CLOUDTEC hollow out water particles in Cloudracer soles didn't strengthen its authentic distinctive sense of concrete highway, but it into another kind of relaxation and efficiency oriented design and style shoes. Spin or old knee injury, DIADORA lightweight route running shoes also can be used for a pair of can in the regular practice of alternate make use of shoes, let you practice inside everyday run to be able to employ a pair of stability shoes to match. RUNiROUND shoes laboratory assessment next year Brooks Pure Cadence, is often a pair of runners quite warm and friendly all-round shoe money, Brooks after having a year apart again introduced a new generation of 100 % pure Cadence, 2 had been hugely Pure Cadence, based on that it is original improved by a fresh generation of shoe money Pure Cadence, 2 might be, what kind of exciting new performance? nike requin pas cher Pure Cadence 2 on the exterior, using Pure second age group series of common characteristics, choose necked-in shoe design the boot design more accord having human body the shape of the sole, can build a more comfortable technique. Another feature of the Pure Cadence 2 shoes, will be on both sides of the shoes and boots more close to the hole spacing, coupled with the Nav Wedding ring between collocation can make the vamp between instep and more relevant, again tie-in spiral shoelaces, can reduce the functional shoes off. In only part, a division's toe spot bottoms can increase mobility and toe improve the inductance on the surface, at the same time avoid vibration can BioMoGo with Brooks classic Geonomics in suspension module mixture, become a sole BioMoGo DNA, a lot more upgrades to allow suspension effectiveness of the shoes. Options.