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Ortiz Doesnt Care Who Manages Red Sox - RealGM Wiretap

David Ortiz isn't going to get involved with talk about Bobby Valentine's future.


"To me Thomas Davis Panthers Jersey , personally, I don't care who my manager is," Ortiz said. "I'm old enough to know what I've got to do, what my routine is Mike Tolbert Panthers Jersey , what my problems are, what are my goals. I might be the best piece of cake a manager can ever have. I go about my business, man. I know the rules.


"That's why you never heard anybody say, 'Papi was late Trai Turner Panthers Jersey , Papi was doing this or that.' I know the rules. Even if they're not in your face 247, you know they are there. I follow the rules."


Ortiz has played for three managers in his 10 seasons with the Red Sox: Grady Little, Terry Francona and Valentine.

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