Ethically mined diamonds

Bashford Jewelry Unveils Stunning Collections

Makes certified and Ethical Diamond jewelry available to users

8th Jan 2016, Seattle, US: Bashford Jewelry has ensured that ethically conscious buyers can

now get their hands on certified Conflict Free Diamond jewelry with ease.

While the beauty of a diamond might remain undiminished, those that have been procured

through unethical means somehow seem tainted. As there is growing awareness about them,

people are looking for ethically sourced and made products. In fact there are many users who

appreciate it as much as the quality and design of diamond jewelry they buy for themselves and

their loved ones.

Bashford Jewelry has now offered them options that are sleek, high quality and ethical as well. Ethically mined diamonds

The luxury brand is committed to the cause of creating sustainable and ethical jewelry that is

made out of recycled metal products and conflict free environmentally responsible sourced

diamonds. Its jewelry line, whether it’s the engagement rings, wedding rings or any other fine

pieces for that matter, is ethically created for users.

To begin with, the diamonds used in these jewelry pieces are certified by CanadaMark, which is

an independent agency that certifies that the diamonds are sourced in the country. The diamonds

that have this certification are natural, untreated and responsibly sourced from Canada’s

Northwest Territories. They are tracked through every step of the process and are also polished

to ensure that they meet specific standards.

Ekati and Diavik mines, where these diamonds come from, have been designed through

consultations with the Aboriginal communities and are signatories to important environmental

agreements. Moreover the mines are driven to support local businesses, and that enables the

economy in the region to thrive. The Ethical Diamonds produced here with integrity, go through

the stringent CanadaMark certification process. They are then given a certificate and a logo is

inscribed on the diamond, which proves that it is conflict free.

When buying engagements rings, wedding rings and other pieces from Bashford Jewelry, users

can look for the logo, which also asserts that it is completely natural and free of treatments. Thus

they can not only get stunning jewelry pieces that are works of art but are responsibly created as


About Bashford Jewelry

Based in Seattle, this luxury jewelry brand has created a name for itself not only because of its

quality and designs, but its mission to create ethical and sustainable pieces as well.