dress up the situation in different

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But why is this so? Does this have to do with testosterone? In a way Stephen Tulloch Jersey , it does, because testosterone has to do with competitiveness. As you know, sports any kind of it are all about competitiveness.

Aside from hormones, however, men love sports for the following reasons:

1. It gives them an avenue to connect with other men.

Notice why men watch football or baseball with fellow males? And not with their girlfriends Ziggy Ansah Jersey , sisters or wives? Well, it is largely because sports are an avenue for men to connect. Notice a bar that shows an important baseball game. All men who are watching the game will have to talk with the other customers whether they personally know them or not.

In addition, notice a picture of a father and son bonding? Is it not depicted usually by a father teaching a son to bat, or to play basketball?

Well, this just goes to show that men and connect with other men better in the form of sports. They can speak their mind Eric Ebron Jersey , cheer fruitlessly, or even swear endlessly without anyone reprimanding them. With sports, men can be as competitive and as loud as they can be.

2. It gives them something to hope for being professional athletes.

Men and women too understand that not everyone has a shot at becoming a professional athlete. Men know that the odds of landing in the NBA are one in a million. Because of this, they develop a certain kind of respect for men who make it to professional sports and most especially for those who excelled in their respective areas. As such, they also want to emulate the qualities of their favorite players.

3. It is one of the few things that are logical.

Men are definitely more logical than women. While men take things in black and white http://www.thelionslockroom.com/AUTHENTIC-BARRY-SANDERS-LIONS-JERSEY/ , women somehow find a way to dress up the situation in different colors. While men see things as they are, women add more perspectives.

Sports, however, are one of the very few logical things. Sports describe something that has already happened. You can see that in the statistics. Therefore, you don t need to argue whether the Orlando Magic just had bad luck and they were indeed better than the Los Angeles Lakers. The scores and the post game statistics say it all. With sports http://www.thelionslockroom.com/AUTHENTIC-CJ-MOSLEY-LIONS-JERSEY/ , there s no need to battle. The results are the end of the story.

This is one of the reasons why men love sports. They don t need to argue a certain point. If the scores give the winning team just a one point advantage, then it s logical to say that such a team was the better one. In other realms, however, people can argue as to who is better, Michael Jackson or Elvis Priestly for instance. In other areas http://www.thelionslockroom.com/AUTHENTIC-GOLDEN-TATE-III-LIONS-JERSEY/ , there s no definite measure of success. Sports have it.

So the next time you get angry at the man in your life for taking so much time watching a certain game, fret no more. They just love sports. That s the truth.

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