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Bearded dragon ingestion question?i've a child bearded dragon 3.5 as 4inches long and he will not guzzle crickets, he just established shedding, we mist him, he will eat per wax worm, and yet only if I am perhaps not surrounded by just the area, and i always keep a fresh veggie meal of... Bearded Dragon feet?hey the child beardy Rex is really wierd. very first when he remains always, he loves to loosen up his feet quite far and/or right. he always includes full use of consumers tho hence their perhaps not impaction. why does he repeat this? Beardie assist. ?im going out at 6 o clock may Saturday morning rather than finding its way back tillSunday evening does the 12 months prehistoric bearded dragon feel o.k. if i place a couple greens inside his container concerning saturday. Nevertheless there will be nothing concerning him to consume may Sunday. Does... Bearded Dragon illumination Assistance?Ok therefore I had gotten per bearded dragon a few days ago and i nearly perceive the ground guidelines and yet I am always significantly disoriented concerning the illumination. I listen off some individuals to not apply lightweight coil bulbs although some state do not apply lightweight bulbs at adjectives... Bearded Dragon early morning Anger?For some reason each time we place his lights to each day he straight away costs in order to his weighing upward and/or mind bobs and/or puffs upward at it, not just was he mean in order to his forethought, and yet hes mean if you ask me and/or very nearly bites me personally when i... Bearded Dragon alongside extraordinary spot to epidermis. HELP?We have experienced this bearded dragon for nearly twelve months nowadays however it is two years aged. The woman epidermis includes remaining seemed quite balanced.She has per weird grayish spot to epidermis on top the girl ear. She have been peeling and yet none for the remaining epidermis appeared to be in which?Is... Bearded Dragon nonspecific assist?I'm likely to pick per bearded dragon, and i want will tank put up last we buy the dragon. So, the issues are1. How do you obtain per license? I inhabit Victoria, Australia2. Exactly what do I stipulation because of it to be balanced? As in... Bearded Dragon perhaps not drinking - HELP?My beardie Rocky isn't eating at all, when per locust was place in beside him he just sits and/or doesnt head it at all. he feel REALLY hyper yesterday and still didnt eat. That he hasnt ate because endure Friday and/or doesnt seem to desire a thing. To be terrifically... Bearded Dragon as Ball Python?My boyfriend and I also had a child Kingsnake therefore died as it declined in order to chomp thru concerning months. So now we have all accoutrements and have narrowed our after that dog right down to two alternatives the bearded Dragon as per orb python.i do want to discover... Bearded Dragon purchased may strictly necessary protein eating regimen.?I took the dragon in order to per vet considering this girl ended up being scarcely walking. Your stupid personage who available the girl if you ask me hand picked every item I supposedly necessary for the girl. She couldn't sell me personally per UVB frothy exclusive per basking light as vitamin/calcium... Beardie query? Again ?I realise there are a lot going round.But, I had a need to ask, I know that they necessitate per warm environment/their tank and/or actions. Nevertheless would it not feel alright in order to often remove it for the cistern.. like in, at home and/or actions?I inhabit britain, by just... Bearded Dragon query?First, which bearded dragon morphs are particularly attractive? Second, what size to per tank for 2 beardies per masculine and/or a lady? 3rd, just what substrate? I'm wanting to listen will controversy may that one. I realize will eating may be adequate like fifty necessary protein and/or... Beardie questiones?ok therefore I own a child bearded dragon, abuot 3 inches, ive own him for approximately weekly nowadays, he just established drinking his greens yesterday I really believe, and he consumes abuot 8-10 crickets each day, often not so, was this considering hes perhaps not completely comfy contained by just...

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