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Prep Football Stats

Let's look at an example of stats in the system. For football Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , the stats used are Yards Passed, Yards Received, Yards Rushed, Fieldgoals, Touchdowns, and Interceptions. For any high school football nut, these are pretty straight forward. It probably wouldn't be fair to give each of these stats equal weight. A fieldgoal is more important than yards gained and a touchdown is step above a fieldgoal...a pretty significant achievement in a game. To account for this Patriots Stephen Gostkowski Jersey , we've added "weight" to certain stats based on achievement or difficulty. For example with prep football, the touchdown is worth 7 points while the field goal is worth 3 points. The interception is worth 10 points. Although you get points from a touchdown, let's face it...the interception makes the crowd go wild. It's electric and it's what the fans are on their seats waiting for. It's also pretty rare which is why we gave it weight. I love inteceptions....sorry...just had to say that.

High School Basketball and Baseball/Softball Stats

Basketball and Baseball/Softball have equivalently weighted and important stats. It's a little different than football since each sport has different positions and important aspects. Basketball is probably the easiest since any player can get points, rebounds, assists, etc. Baseball, on the other hand Patriots Brandon Browner Jersey , is a little harder to equally balance in terms of stats. Pitching is a huge factor in baseball and very specific compared to something like batting. We need to account for all facets of the game with the stats available and we feel pretty good about what we came up. We go into depth of each sport's stats breakdown
How do we get the Prep sport stats?

This is where the whole community aspect of comes into place. The reason High School sport fantasy leagues don't exist online is this simple do you get the player stats? The only way to do it is from the bottom up...the actual players and fans at each school. The Player Profile is the way for players to add and update their player stats as they occur. There's some bragging rights of course but the stats help support the fantasy. Let's face it...what player doesn't want to have themselves as a player in a fantasy league? The second way is the all-powerful Prep Sport StatMasters. These are players or fans that have master edit control to add players and edit stats.

They could be assistant coaches, members of yearbooks in charge of high school sports, or just a really fired up fan. We need your help. Your team and school need your stats. The fantasy leagues need your stats. Isn't it great to be so needed?

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