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The All-Star Game is over with Teuvo Teravainen Jersey , and the second half of the season has begun. It's the beginning of the end, but it could be the start of a new beginning for your favorite National League Central Division team. Let's take a look at some of the movers and shakers in this competitive division. Which teams have been performing well and which ones will look to make a run at the top in the near future? The Frontrunners: St. Louis is the team to beat in the NL Central. As of July 21, 2009 the Cardinals are in the top spot in this division with an overall record of 51-44, two games ahead of the second place Chicago Cubs. St. Louis has been the top team in the division for some time, and it's mostly because of the unit's elite hitting. The Cardinals rank in the top five in the National League in team slugging percentage (.408) and home runs (95). While the more chippy stats like batting average and hits are mediocre, the Cardinals have been doing fine with brutally powering their way to the top. Albert Pujols leads the charge with an impressive number line, .333.457.726. Prince Albert leads the league in slugging percentage, home runs, runs, RBI, total bases, extra base hits and base on balls. After Pujols and perhaps Skip Schumaker, the talent level drops off dramatically. In order to keep on top in this crowded division, Pujols needs to stay very, very healthy. The pitching has been great as Adam Wainwright (ERA 3.01), Joel Pineiro (3.09) and Chris Carpenter (2.26) lead a strong rotation. The Dark Horses: Milwaukee, Houston and Chicago all have 47 wins as of July 21, 2009. Will any of these teams have what it takes to make a run for either the division title or a wild card berth in the playoffs? At the moment the Milwaukee Brewers look like they have the best chance of making a move upward. They signed Felipe Lopez to play in the infield, which could mean they're going to do a few more personnel changes in the near future. Will they get a starting pitcher, a position where they could use help? The Astros have indicated that they don't really want to make any major changes in their rotation or lineup, so many experts are counting them out of the big-time deal market. Lance Berkman is coming back and their rotation seems good enough to win in the stretch as-is. The Cubs will probably shop for a second baseman to help the lineup score more runs, but the options at that position are slim. If they can somehow pick up Brian Roberts from the Orioles, the Cubs would instantly become a wild card threat. The Future: The NL Central is a hot bed of activity, with the standings changing constantly. The three-way race between the Cubs, Brewers and Astros should be fun to watch if you like getting MLB tickets online. The Reds are only about five and a half games out of the thick of things, and if the Pirates can get hot in a hurry they might get in the mix, as well. The Cardinals have the best chance of winning this thing as of the All-Star break, but anything can happen. The only thing that is for sure is that it will be a wild ride. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]Rate This Articleplease wait...Rating: 0.05 (0 votes cast)One could be feel fortable knowing that the tual custom logo style created aording to their instructions will ultimately ruin the image with the organization within the eye of the custors. A professional job is most beneficial left in the hands of specialists and then no one ould get in the way when they’re going about their work. Extly the sa remain good for all sort as well as areas of work and it’s also correct for your designing and also producing industry also. Noheless, the intelligent professional believes they know more about Professional pany logo pared to hieved perforrs are. When you are with the solutions of a professional to your corporation’s custom logo providers, it’s prehended that you’re in charge and will be tugging the particular strings. This really is understood and recognized through the developing organization that may take on the work of developing the brand for the organization. They are able to then advise what they think just isn’t great for the brand as well as hope that the professional will certainly agree with their particular perspective. Noheless, this does not happen all the ti. Because the exec offers known as the agency to pli the work, this individual believes he is aware the whole job, although this individual can’t tually draw the circle or even a square. However he’ll try to impose his her thoughts about the pany pany logo of the business. If you’re interested in finding a specialist pany logo made, leave it in the hands of the pros rather than wanting to inflict your viewpoint. They’ve undertaken nurous this kind of jobs just before tend to be know more about trademarks that you might at any ti learn during your lifeti. It’ll be wiser in the event you invested you ti telling them so rmation about the business and what it can. This will give the creative designers a base which in order to contemplate their own layout. Have a look at any expert logo and you will find that there is a hint from the function created by the business it depicts. There are a few businesses whoever emblem will not depict sothing. These firms are really well-known which they will need no increase so other what to their particular pany’s logo design. Buy a few of these and feel the different logos they will contain and attempt to imagine which one would very best represent your organization. Once you’ve had the opportunity to target those hateful pounds, quire Photostat copies manuftured from them. This is often demonstrated towards the specialist designers once they pay out a call within context using the professional logo design of your organization. Don’t try in order to inflict your self on these artists as well as allow them to direct you. If you are individual