Conflict free diamonds

Celebrate your love with ethical diamonds

If you are looking for engagement rings that are special in every way, Bashford Jewelry is the apt choice. We are a company that prides itself in producing conflict free diamond jewelry and hence, you can be sure that they are the most ethical of the lot. Apart from this, we also undertake order customization. If you have any ideas of your own that you wish to implement in the rings, contact us and we will see that the same is achieved.

Getting engaged with your loved one is one of those moments which can be enhanced with the presence of a good ring. There are many of us who choose to go for diamonds that are mined the right way and in which no child labor is used. With a certificate from Canada Mark, you can be sure of the same. Conflict free engagement ring The usage of recycled metals is also something we are passionate about. There are many sizes and designs of engagement rings that are available in the catalogue and all these are priced affordably.

Apart from the diamonds, there are several other stones which are used in the rings that we sell. Know more about the same on our website and pick the right one for your love. These rings have been designed to celebrate the love that you have for each other and hence, they are made in the right way. Our product line is updated on a regular basis so that users can get a myriad of choices each time they visit us.

A lot of thought goes into the upkeep of the environment when we manufacture our products. We ensure that we follow ‘green’ measures in all the different stages of production. The use of conflict free diamonds is what makes us different from many others. The source of the diamonds which are used to make our jewelry is natural. They are extracted in compliance with all the rules and regulations set for the mining industry.

Our jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. We offer free shipping across the US for any orders over $200. Contact us for custom made jewelry and ensure that you have done your part in designing the ring that adorns your loved one’s finger. All those who have bought their engagements rings from us have also opted for our attractive wedding rings.