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What is in a name? The origins of some NBA teams names have a history. For instance Tim McCarver Jersey , did the Houston Rockets get their name due to Houston, Texas being NASA s headquarters? In fact, the Rockets originated in San Diego. The franchise chose Rockets in a name the team contest. It based this choice on the motto of San Diego, A City in Motion.

Indeed, the Rockets have been flying towards the NBA finals since the Rockets joined the NBA during the 1971 1972. Prior to the season s start, the team relocated from San Diego Stan Musial Jersey , California; to Houston, Texas. The name Rockets was ideal, as Houston was NASA s headquarters. Unfortunately, the Rockets ended the season with a 34 48 record.

The Rockets climb to the top of the NBA totem pole would take over two decades. About a decade later, they took their first step in the 1980 1981 season. Though they earned a losing record of 40 42, the Rockets crept into the playoffs. They first shocked the world champion Los Angeles Lakers. Then they defeated the San Antonio Spurs (4 3) and the Kansas City Kings (4 1) Roger Maris Jersey , but lost in the NBA Finals to the mighty Boston Celtics (4 2).

During the 1985 1986 season, the Rockets returned to prominence, thanks primarily to the play of Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon. They finished the regular season at 43 31. The Rockets then blasted their way to the NBA finals, fairly easily. They beat the Sacramento Kings (3 0), Denver Nuggets (4 2), and Los Angeles Lakers (4 2). However Pat Neshek Jersey , the Celtics simply overpowered the Rockets in the NBA Finals (4 2).

In the 1993 1994 season, the Rockets soared to success. After becoming victors in the first 15 games of the season, they eventually earned a 58 24 record. Hakeen Olajuawon and a solid supporting cast marched into the playoffs. They defeated the Portland Trailblazers (3 2), Phoenix Suns (4 3), and Utah Jazz (4 1). In the NBA Finals, the Rockets faced the New York Knicks. Olajuwon blocked John Starks final shot at the buzzer Ozzie Smith Jersey , securing a Rockets victory. They would win Game 7 and their first NBA Championship.

In the following season, the Rockets would defend their NBA crown. They completed the regular season with a marginally good 47 35 record. Their road through the playoffs included series victories over the Utah Jazz (3 2,), the Phoenix Suns (4 3), and San Antonio Spurs (4 2). In the first two series, the Rockets had to battle back from 2 1 and 3 1 deficits Oscar Taveras Jersey , respectively. The Rockets completed an amazing season by sweeping the Orlando Magic in the NBA Finals.

The Houston Rockets have retired the jersey numbers of five players, through their franchise s history:

Clyde Drexler #22 (Forward) 1994 1998
Moses Malone #24 (Center) 1976 1982
Calvin Murphy #32 (Guard) 1970 1983
Hakeem Olajuwon #34 (Center) 1984 2001
Rudy Tomjanovich #45 (Forward) 1970 1981

Throughout the Houston Rockets history, the sky has been the limit. Though they have experienced challenging games, series, and seasons, they have constantly moved onwards and upwards. Use Houston Rockets merchandise to cheer on the Rockets as they blast towards another NBA championship!

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