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When archeologists m It requires a person to be in a basic level of fitness to start out so if there is any question to one's fitness level start out by running a mile and time it If the time is over enty minutes or one is very winded extra work may be neededRunning for obvious reasons is said to be one of the hardest things on the body You see whenever the foot hits the ground it does so with great force that sends reverberations through the body up to the spine It is therefore important that you have fortable oes that fit well to cuion the feetNow on for the training 131 miles isn't something that one can automatically run without any exercise so it needs to be very gradual One ould start in the early morning and start out running about o miles eh morning The o miles needs to turn into three miles then into four until it is no problem at all to go for a jog of five miles every morning This ould be done five days of the week and rest for o The way the five miles is covered can be changed up on a regular basis It can be walked jogged or ran &nda; the most important thing is that it is consistently five milesA marathon isn't just about endurance it's about strength Strength training can be incorporated into various exercises that not only focus on the legs but also the hips and bk Squats and lunges are excellent choices One can head to the gym and work on leg presses as wellTwelve weeks is a perfect time to start really getting ready for a marathon Alternative the five mile runs with other different tivities Cross training can be a great way to get the muscles ready because it is using the muscles in other ways instead of just hitting the pavement Cross training can consist of swimming biking or even skiing Anything that bines endurance and strength can be usedSpeed is going to have something to do with the half marathon even if first ple isn't a consideration Most marathons in the world have a specific speed that the runners must maintain &nda; usually somewhere around a 15 to 17 minute mile While this may sound slow the first few miles are usually the fastest As the muscles tire this time may be harder and harder to maintain so timing oneself when they run in the mornings is important on oasionOn re day one ould stretch do a few minutes of strength training and be ready for the 171 miles run If you are a beginner to training for a half marathon or have been struggling to run at your best, take a look at the number 1 rated remended program by an olympian champion. 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