Anal Lightening

Anal lightening has become very popular over the last couple of years. Such an intimate area as the anus can get discolored over time owing to many reasons. A majority of people are choosing this treatment to lighten this part of the body in order to make intimate moments more enjoyable. This practice was reserved for adult entertainers. Now, it has become recognized as a new way to address darkened areas of the anus. This part of the body is sensitive, which means you shouldn’t try it without getting some advice first.

Why is a dark anus area not popular?

Some people are overly concerned about the color of their anus, while others don’t think much about it. Researchers say that darkening occurs as friction is taking place when you rub your thighs against each other or when your skin rubs against your clothes. Running or walking may also cause such friction, resulting in darkened skin patches in these areas. Researchers also claim that this problem occurs owing to excessive soda and coffee drinking and poor anal hygiene. So, after years of poor bottom wiping technique, the skin of the anus becomes darker.

What are the anus lightening treatment options available?

There are different treatment options available that can correct this issue. They consist of retinol topically applied treatments administered by dermatologist and then there is laser and microdermabrasion treatments

provided by a certified skin care professional. Some treatments are applied in the office by a medical technician, while others are given as a prescription for you to use in the privacy of your home. There are also a number of salons and spas out there that are brave enough to offer these services.

Which is the best option?

The above options have their own side effects which can include scarring, irritation and the probability of the bum becoming darker than it was before treatment. Not to mention the treatment in medical

facilities, spas and salons can cost a few hundred dollars. diy anal bleaching Also the time lost due to many appointments

over the course of the treatment, as well as the embarrassment of talking about this topic with someone else, makes

lightening at home an excellent option.

You do not need to show your private area to anyone else with a home whitening product. You can apply it whenever you want and not have to stick to a schedule of a salon or spa.

What are the best at home anus whitening options?

For home use, products marketed for skin whitening purposes are the best option. The advancements made in medical science has led companies to produce safe anal bleaching products for use at home without

the supervision of a medical practitioner. Whatever product you choose, make sure that is formulated

with natural ingredients, since the possible damaging side effects are definitely not worth the risk.