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Check out our website, to locate the best dropzone close to you.

Get your ticket for your skydive.

Schedule your skydive with the drop zone and ask about their opening days.

You might want too get all your questions anwsered before you jump. Don't be afraid to ask whatever is on your mind because there are no stupid questions and they've probably already heard your question before.

Before you jump Authentic Sam Bradford Jersey , take your time to chose the way you want to do it. The vast majority of people choose to make a tandem jump. This involves jumping out of the plane while attached via a harness to an instructor who wears a parachute big enough for both of you. It requires very little training and you can just "sit back and enjoy the ride" while the instructor handles all the technical parts of the skydive.
Another type of jump called an AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Level One jump is offered at most drop zones. The training for this skydive involves a ground school course taking approximately 5-6 hours followed by a jump with your own parachute. On this type of jump, you will have two experienced instructors holding onto you during your exit from the plane and subsequent freefall in order to assist you with proper body positioning as well as initiating the canopy opening. on the ground there will be an instructor who will be in communication with you via radio for your assistance to assist you for a proper landing.
You may encounter a "static line" jump, which is an additional option. This type of skydive includes the same coaching as an A.F.F Level 1 skydive but upon exiting the plane, the parachute is automatically deplo[censored] by a "static line" attached to the plane. Static line jumps have generally decreased in po[censored] rity in recent years, and most first-timers end up making either a tandem or AFF Level 1 jump.

The remainder of this article will explain the steps related to doing a tandem jump which is the most common first time jump.

On the day of the jump, dress for the weather on the ground and wear sneakers. With all that adrenaline running through your blood, you can bring an extra layer with you because of the feel of the rush of air as it might be colder at altitude Sam Bradford Eagles Jersey , but you most probably won't even notice the difference.

Get to the drop zone before your appointement and be prepared to wait for instructors to become available, the weather to break, etc. Even though you'll only be freefalling for a minute, plan on being there for the entire day just in case.

To enjoy your skydive much more, listen up to the briefing and meet your instructor before your jump. They will gear you up with a harness that will connect to the instructor and the parachute.

Get on the plane and just soak it all in. Before you reach the jumping altitude your instructor will clip your harness onto theirs. At this point you are literally joined at the hip.

Exit your plane. Every plane and every instructor-student combination are different so listen to your instructor on how they want you to do.

Enjoy thhe time of your life! Enjoy the feeling of falling at 120 miles an hour and feeling