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Inflating camping tents are a few seconds affair and require least physical effort to set up as well as dismantle whenever needed. On those tiresome evenings, when you find yourself limping towards your camping destination with fatigue, you can set up your inflating camping tent within seconds, pack up your gear and unwind. Inflating camping tents bear no fragile parts that risk breakage and can be puckered up easily for comfortable storage. Their simplicity also makes them very economical and the most feasible option for all kinds of holidays, from backpacking to beach destinations.

The poles necessary to stable a camping tent are also inflatable in nature. All that you may need is an efficient air source that can fit into the built-in air valve of the inflating camping tent and thus blow it up. Such air source and the camping tent don't occupy much space and can be easily packed into the cars dickey or into your RV. Different air sources available in the market are as follows:

- Air Compressor - anything capable of inflating car tires will do
- An Air tank - can be refilled at an air pump gas station
- Air-Exchanger
- CO2 Dispenser - an expensive choice but has several benefits
- Diving tank - ideal for Scuba Divers

Even a source as simple as a bicycle pump can also be used to blow up your inflating camping tent. However, that may need little more energy and time, which we're trying to conserve here.

All the above-mentioned air-filling means are environment friendly and safe. The valves are designed in a manner that they prevent overfilling once the most optimum pressure level is reached. Once ready, all that you are required to do is to stake it to the surface, just in case the winds turn little harsh.

Deflating your tent is a job as easy as releasing the air valve and seeing it fold, just as it is in the case of airbeds. Once deflated, you can pack it up and store wherever you like.

There are few other essential features to be considered while purchasing your inflating camping tent. It should be lightweight, durable and domed (not walled) for easy set-up. Please ensure that you have an excellent quality sleeping bag and a sleeping mat to complement your tent. You can even choose from sleeping pads or the bag liners for a good relaxed sleep. Your selection of sleeping equipment must be entirely based on the climatic conditions of the terrains you are planning to camp in.

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