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Affiliate Identity theft; affiliate link theft; affiliate commission theft; - whatever term you use, it means without link cloaking, you, as an affiliate marketer, are being ripped off. You're being robbed of your affiliate commissions. Is affiliate commission theft a serious problem? I really don't know with absolute certainty. Searching for an answer on the internet has coughed up conflicting information. However Jeremy Maclin Chiefs Jersey , the way I see it, whether you're losing 5% or 40% of your commissions, a loss by any percentage is still a loss.


Can you prevent affiliate commission theft?


Yes, you can, but not by any free scripts.


There are several methods available, some with free, some using commercial software. While free methods may reduce the incidence of affiliate link theft or affiliate commission theft, are unreliable and do not cloak your link, making bypass easy. To get full link cloaking you will need to spend some money. The bright side is that the very first affiliate commission theft you prevent will pay for the software a couple of times over.


I'm sure you're aware that simply cloaking or hiding your links isn't going to bring you 'rivers of cash' flowing into your 'bank vault.' Link cloaking may merely lessen the frequency of affiliate commission theft, and could reduce the commissions you would have lost.


Allow me to digress a moment for a few words on affiliate marketing realities.


Hold off on the champagne bottle just because you've got your first affiliate commission check . Without a well planned marketing strategy for backend, up-sell and cross-sell offers, and a means for building your customer base, income will be sporadic, if at all.


One other thing. Whenever we talk about affiliate sales, affiliate commissions or similar terms Jeff Linkenbach Chiefs Jersey , the word 'clickbank' is the first utterance. Clickbank is the biggest affiliate network no doubt, but certainly not the only one. And while clickbank has the widest product range in digital products, their terms and conditions certainly don't make it easy for a newbie to see his or her first affiliate commission check.


For example, to comply with legal requirements, you won't get any payment until you have generated sales made with a minimum of five (5) different credit card numbers. Note the word 'different.' So if you generated 10 transactions from the same buyer, you don't get paid.


To make your affiliate commission earning route more uphill, of the five different card numbers, there must be one mastercard and one visa card. If you had 1028 buyers all using only mastercard, tough luck. You don't get paid either. This doesn't mean you lose the commissions. They are held in your account until you meet the required conditions.


Oh, purchases through paypal don't count either. If you generate 1 or 10,000 sales all through paypal only, you don't get a check from Clickbank. Not until you have 5 sales through different account numbers, and there must be a Visa and a MasterCard amongst them.


Before signing up for clickbank know the rules, then decide if it's still right for you. Read the details at


Back to long, ugly and in-your-face affiliate links Jeff Allen Chiefs Jersey , how to go about shortening and cloaking them, and how to prevent commission theft.


1. Some people recommend using free services by websites that shorten your link. I disagree totally with this method. These are actually for links to be included in emails, and are not for online business purposes. But, if you insist, use these services with extreme caution. They are just re-directing services, and store your information on their servers. If they go out of business, or remove your link for whatever reason, your links are kaput, gone, ground to dust. If you've used those links in article marketing, blogs or any other media that has been syndicated, you'll have your links on perhaps thousands of sites all leading nowhere. What a colossal waste of your marketing efforts.


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