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Monday,Apr 25,2011

The sun was beating down, the air smelled like spring, and the worm was wiggling on the 5-year-old’s muddy palm.

“I got a lot of worms. Maybe six or 17,’’ she said later.

The petite gardener with pink wire-frame glasses loves working in the plot at Franciscan Hosp...

Thursday,Apr 21,2011

As early as this summer, residents and visitors taking quick trips in Boston will be able to rent bicycles from dozens of sidewalk kiosks, under an agreement expected to be signed today that will create a bike-sharing network inspired by those in Paris and Washington.

Boston official...

Monday,Apr 18,2011

DR. LEVINE’S MAGIC UNDERWEAR resembled bicycle shorts, black and skintight, but with sensors mounted on the thighs and wires running to a fanny pack. The look was part Euro tourist, part cyborg. Twice a second, 24 hours a day, the magic underwear’s accelerometers and inclinometers would assess ev...

Thursday,Apr 07,2011

Just as warming weather brings millions of young athletes back onto sports fields, a major athletics association has renewed this warning: Some school-age competitors who are inadequately prepared, or improperly coached, continue to develop serious overuse injuries.

The risks often exceed...

Thursday,Apr 07,2011

A lack of equipment and venues -- and a lack of motivation even if those were available -- are the main barriers to physical activity for adolescent boys, according to recently published research from a Michigan State University nursing researcher.

A study of sixth-grade boys' attitudes le...

Monday,Mar 28,2011

Did you know…

…that cycling is almost comically efficient? You’re getting around 3 times as fast as walking but burning the same amount of energy. You’re like a car that does ...

Thursday,Mar 24,2011

We all have regrets, but new research suggests the most common regret among American adults involves a lost romantic opportunity.

Researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign collected data from 370 adults in the United States during a telephone...

Monday,Mar 21,2011

Q: I've been craving sweets lately - could that mean I have diabetes?

Monday,Mar 21,2011

The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi appears to relieve symptoms of depression in older people, a new study shows.

Wednesday,Mar 16,2011

Exercise your brain. Nourish it well. And the earlier you start, the better.

That’s the best advice doctors can yet offer to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

There’s no guarantee. But more and more research shows that some fairly simple steps can truly lower your risk...

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