Top EarthDiet Breads


Following the EarthDiet is about eating healthy, staying fit and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  If you follow the EarthDiet 100%, meaning no added sugars, no processed foods and regular exercise, you will lose weight. *    But you may not be addressing that last part of the EarthDiet, which is a balanced lifestyle.  It is much better to follow 80% of the EarthDiet lifestyle if it means that you will be happy because happy lifestyles are ones that you stick with.  We want you to be both happy and healthy.   

This list, "The Top EarthDiet Breads" is addressing that gap between happy and healthy.  If you feel the need to eat a Turkey, Avocado and Tomato Sandwich at lunch, you should do it because it is healthy and it will make you happy.  Just make sure to choose the right bread.  You are looking for whole grain bread, often from bakery's, that uses a low number of ingredients and, to paraphrase Mark Bittman, "ingredients that you can pronounce".  Stick to that outline and you'll choose a healthy bread everytime.  If it is more expensive, don't worry too much.  You probably won't even notice a price difference because it is likely you will be eating less of it.  Let's take a look at the list:

When Pigs Fly: A bakery based in the New England area, When Pigs Fly makes artisinal breads daily and sells them both in their bakeries and in chain grocery stores.  Whole foods, for example, carries When Pigs Fly bread.  Their bread uses all natural ingredients and offers a lot of great varieties.  You might like to keep this bread in the refrigerator, as it goes stale faster than bread with all the preservatives in it.

Brownberry Bread:  Brownberry makes several varieties of whole grain bread.  Unlike, When Pigs Fly, these will be more like the bread you are used to buying in a grocery store.  Not quite bakery bread, but still delicious and healthy.  Brownberry is mostly sold in the midwest.

Trader Joe's Flourless Bread:  Trader Joe's is  a national brand, so you might have an easier time finding this than the first two.  This bread is low in calories and sugar, which makes it a perfect addition to an EarthDiet meal.  It can satisfy your bread craving without crushing your efforts to go natural.

Arnold Bread: This is on the list for several reasons. First off, Arnold Whole Grain bread is delicious and satisfying.  It may not be bakery bread, but you can find it easily in the store, at least in the Northeast.  It also illustrates that you will have to do a little searching for yourself.  Depending on where you are, you may not be able to find Arnold Bread.  However, Arnold is owned and made by the same people that do Brownberry Bread.  It's practically the same stuff.  This isn't bad, but just know that you'll have to look at the label to figure out what breads are best in your area.