P90x is the fitness craze of the summer, but it has been building a following for years.  This is a fairly simple dvd set that you can pop in and use to workout at home.  Very few weights are required so you don't have to put in too big of an upfront cost in order to do this routine, which is part of the reason it is so popular.  


Crossfit has been another recent workout craze.  It's been described many ways, but I think the essential idea is that you go hard and fast at whatever it is that you are doing that day.  Some workouts can be done in about 10-15 minutes, but they will crush you because you push so hard.  The workouts vary from things like rope climbs to pullups to olympic style lifting.  If you can push yourself to do crossfit hard everyday, you will see fitness gains.  


Having not lived in Florida (where Orange Theory’s several gyms reside), I have not be able to attend a class, so this report is based on my impression of what they are saying they will do.  If you have taken an Orange Theory class, please feel free to contact us or comment on the class.  I’d love to hear firsthand accounts.


SealFit is similar to CrossFit, even including some CF workouts within their own. Unlike Crossfit, SealFit doesn’t just try to get you in and out of the gym. Workouts take longer and focus on several different areas.  Base fitness (or warm up), pure strength, durability and work-capacity. With exercises for each category, this can be a really strenuous routine if you don't scale it to yourself.

Women's Health Total Body Fitness

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly a women’s fitness expert. Women’s bodies and desired body image is different from many guys. But basic fitness concepts don’t change, how they are implemented changes. Strength training for women can still be a crucial part of your fitness plan. So it seems only right to look to a trainer such as Rachel Cosgrove to figure out how to implement a strength program.

Working Class Fitness

Working Class Fitness is a great program developed by trainer Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins.  It has six different phases, each of which last two months.  So for ~30$ you can have an entire years worth of workout programming done for you.  He's taken all the hassel of thinking up a plan out of the equation.  WCF is very creative and will eventually get you doing a whole lot of different movements, from sandbag carries to weighted throws.  Unfortunately, that is the main drawback.