Runner's World

Wednesday,Apr 06,2011

Combine two workouts into one and achieve greater fitness—in less time.

Monday,Apr 04,2011

From "Runner's World", this feature will teach you proper form for running hills, helping you to make it up and over any hill on your route, no matter how big or small.  

Wednesday,Mar 23,2011

Runner's World provides a detailed schedule for training for a half-marathon (though it probably works best if you have already been running for a while) and what types of injuries to watch out for.  Even if you don't plan on running a half-marathon, the idea behind the schedule is w...

Monday,Mar 21,2011

It's easy to think that all the best training ideas come from the world of running. But distance running is part of a wider universe of athletics, so why not borrow from the toolboxes of other sports that require some combo of endurance, speed, and strength? "If all you do is run, you...

Thursday,Mar 03,2011

For the past decade, coaches, trainers, and physical therapists like me have told runners to "work your core...

Monday,Feb 07,2011

Pasta has had it tough the past decade.

The low-carb craze made it a diet pariah and we stopped eating it (and buying it). Things picked up for the much-maligned noodle last year when the economy tanked - but not because its reputation had been rehabbed - just because it came cheap.

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