How to Make A Standing Desk

You've probably read by now that sitting is harmful to your health.  The more you sit, the earlier you are going to die (I'm paraphrasing).  Since many of us sit for hours upon hours each week (each day even), this is considered a problem.  So, what to do?  Apparently, exercise doesn't work as well as we'd like because the problem is that we sit for too long, not that we don't ever move (though that could also be a problem for some).  So, other than getting a new job that will let you move around, I'm thinking that a standing desk can be a good, low-cost solution to this problem.

First off, I should mention that you don't have to make your own.  You can get an adjustable height desk at IKEA for 119$.  That's not a bad price, but I'm pretty certain that I could make my own standing desk, so I'm going to save the money.  

This is really a simple process.  I'm lucky in that my desk is just a tabletop that's sitting on top of two filing cabinets.  So all I really need to do is set about two or tree feet of  wood (or something similarly sturdy) on top of the filing cabinets and replace the tabletop.  With that done, I can make a stand for my monitors so that I don't have to look down.  Once again, I'm probably going with wood.  And voila!  I've got myself a standing desk.  

Unfortunately, it might not be that easy for everybody.  Think about your options though.  If you have a desktop computer, you could install a shelf on your wall and another smaller one a little higher up as your screen mount.  You could do the same with a laptop, but you might need to raise the shelf a little bit so that the screen is not so low.  It could take some time to get used to typing that way, but if you really want to stand at your desk, that might be worth the effort.

The next big thing that I will consider is what I call a "standing chair".  You don't quite sit, but you don't quite stand.  I have yet to see good low cost options out there.  The first one that I've seen is the Sit/Stand Chair.   This is just about what I'm looking for, but it looks so basic that there must be others out there that don't cost 200$.  Does anybody know where to get a cheap one of these?  It would really spice up the "standing desk".