Cheap Rides

A lot of people are unsure of what bikes they can get for cheap.  Recently we talked about buying a bike on craigslist.  This is a great way to go in order to get a nice used bike and there are some really great options out there.  But can you get a new bike for relatively cheap?  Let's look at some of the options.

Schwinn Sierra GS Comfort

Schwinn GS ComfortYou can get this bike for $199 at Performance Bicycle, a deal for a new bike.  Having comfort in the name, I would guess that it is a pretty comfortable bike and that you would get an easy ride out of it.  This would definitely go into the city cruiser or leisure ride category.  It's not built to be superfast, just to get you from A to B without much discomfort.





Schwinn High Timber Men's Mountain Bike

Schwinn Mountain Bike

Another affordable offering from Schwinn.  Also priced around $200, this is a good choice if you're looking to get out into the woods and do some mountain biking.  The nice thing about a mountain bike is that it can be a commuter too.  They're generally pretty comfortable to ride (considering they're built for rocky terrain), so those bumpy roads and curbs won't be too much trouble.  The drawback is that they're generally a little heavy, but for the flexibility a mountain bike offers, some people love them as commuters.  



Raleigh Detour 3.5

Raleigh DetourThis is one of Raleigh's Hybrid bikes, meaning that it is just as comfortable as a city cruiser/commuter as it woulb be for "100 mile charity rides" as they claim.  It's a little more expensive, at about $300, but if you are opposed to a craigslist bike, then it's worth consideration.



Victory Vision Road Bike 

Victory VisionIf you are looking to get into the road biking game, as well as the bike commuting game, you should get a road bike and live with the fact that it might be less comfortable than commute specific alternatives.  At $219, the Victory Vision is a well priced entry level road bike.